Talking Renewal and Rejuvenation with JoBrent Austin-Diehl of Infinity Medspa

Infinity Medspa
JoBrent of Infinity Medspa

JoBrent Austin-Diehl is one Charlottean who knows well the joy that can be found in rejuvenation and reinvention. As the owner of Charlotte’s Infinity Medspa + Wellness, Diehl is part of a team that, she says, “strive(s) to help people reach their full potential inside and out.”

One of the most beautiful characteristics of the season of renewal is how very many different ways the spirit of a new year can manifest—not just from person to person, but also from year to year. It’s comforting to remember that each year we will have a new opportunity to reset, to reflect on how we can improve, and to question whether our priorities need to be realigned, as though we needn’t be locked into any one version of ourselves.

Diehl’s own professional journey is one of reinvention, as well. A native of North Carolina, Diehl, for many years, worked as an environmental lobbyist for a publicly traded waste firm. Now, she and her colleagues every day witness clients enter Infinity Medspa looking almost as exhausted as they feel. Her mission is to change that by the time they leave: “When our clients leave Infinity looking and feeling light years better than they did when they walked in, I’ve done my job.”

Diehl is committed to helping her clients not just look and feel like their best selves, but also to do so using the least invasive methods possible. “With today’s science and technology, there are so many non-invasive options to prevent the appearance of aging as well as the symptoms of ‘feeling old,’” she explains.

Infinity MedSpa offers a range of services and procedures, both preventative and corrective, from facials and waxing to fillers and laser hair removal.

The key to Diehl’s consistently satisfied client base is open and individualized care. ”My team believes in building relationships,” she explains. “They are very honest with their clients and do not sell them things they do not need or that are not right for them. Everything we do is customized for the client and their individual needs.”

Infinity Medspa
The team at Infinity Medspa

This is a particularly important approach insofar as clients’ needs can vary wildly where skincare and injectables are concerned. Plus, technology advances so rapidly in the industry that today’s best approach may be different from when the client last visited Infinity.

Clients’ perception of individualized care leads to a second critical component of service at Infinity: trust. “As a consumer you need to feel comfortable and be able to ask questions with the person providing the service,” Diehl says. To foster that feeling, Diehl spends time with her clients, as well as time in the community, serving on nonprofit committees, donating to silent auction fundraisers, and participating in the Carolina Breast Friends Dancing with the Stars.

For anyone (men and women of all ages alike) who aims to prioritize better beauty habits this year, Diehl has some words of wisdom: “Just as the saying goes, ‘don’t wait until it’s broken to fix it’—prevention is key. The best results develop from doing the right thing over a period of time, not all at once.”