The Beauty Expert Behind Charlotte’s New Toska European Spa Answers Our Biggest Questions

Toska European Spa recently opened their doors in Charlotte to bring us the highest-quality skin care. Toska Husted began the business in Charleston, and with her growing success there decided to expand to Dilworth. She sat down to talk with us about the new location and her best skincare tips and tricks.

How did you get started in the industry?
I was always the little girl that would fix everyone’s eyebrows and was fascinated by how much power a little lipstick has. A woman that is happy with her looks is a confident one. I wanted to be one of them myself and help others, so when the opportunity to attend the Steiner school in London came along I decided to pursue that dream.

Tell us about your training and background.
I attended Steiner in London, the elite school of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology appointed by Queen Elizabeth II. I have since trained extensively with Biologique Recherche of Paris and hold their Advanced Certification. I’m also a member of the Confederation of International Beauty Therapists and Cosmetologists. Education and keeping up with the trends is very important which is why I attend workshop seminars twice a year, in New York as well as other cities.

How did you end up in Charlotte, and why is this a special/unique market for your services?
During the years that we lived in Charleston, I visited Charlotte on many occasions. I soon fell in love with the city, it’s tree-lined streets, the skyline, the energy and the diversity of its people. The success of the spa in Charleston gave me an insight to recognize that there was a void in the market for a European spa that is holistic, but results driven. Charlotte is a unique market for our services because there’s an ever increasing number of younger clients who believe that taking care of their skin is part of their wellness and are interested in age prevention the natural way.

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What do your services include?
Our main focus is skincare. Our services include facial and body treatments, face and body waxing as well as eyebrow and eyelash tinting.

Top at-home skincare tips/tricks?
Muscles have a memory so it helps if you apply all of your products at home in an upward motion for an instant lift. Always use cold water because it will tone the skin and tighten the pores.

What’s your favorite thing about your work? The biggest challenge?
I love my work! My favorite thing about it, is the results and the confidence it gives people when they look at their faces and they’re happy with what they see.
The challenge is to get the clients to understand that healthy, beautiful skin takes commitment and consistency.

What’s next for you – anything upcoming we need to know about?
I’m very excited about an upcoming trip to France in June. I’ll get to see the laboratory and process that goes into making the fine products that we use on our clients.