Summer Skincare Series With Toska Husted: Is It a Luxury or Necessity?

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In this last addition to our Summer Skincare Series, we’re letting industry expert Toska Husted, owner and face of one of the South’s best spas (Toska European Spa in the Dilworth neighborhood), take over to address some of the most important questions and issues she sees walking through her doors every day.

One of the common misconceptions, according to her, is the way Americans treat visiting a spa for skincare and facials as “pampering,” or as just a once-in-a-while indulgence. Instead, she says, we should consider those treatments the same way we do with other health investments, as something that needs maintaining over time.

The idea, Toska says, is a simple one: When it comes to our bodies, we consider our health a necessity. Eating healthy food, going to the doctor when we are sick, and making sure everything is in working order is “rightfully considered a requirement for good health,” Toska says.

However, when it comes to our skin, doing just about anything for it is considered merely a luxury. Despite being our body’s largest organ, caring for skin is seen as indulgence rather than a necessity, unlike what we do for the rest of our bodies.
Beyond the cosmetic applications of skincare, there are actually medical reasons for your regular visits to the spa.

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First off, keeping your skin properly cleaned and balanced can prevent painful and unsightly problems in the future. The pollution we expose ourselves to daily builds up over time and eventually leads to the formation of pimples, cysts, and thinned skin. Taking the time to cleanse your skin every day will prevent these problems down the line.

Another glaring problem prevented by proper skincare is sun damage. Sun spots are unsightly, sure, but the bigger issue is, of course, skin cancer. On sunny days, protecting yourself from harmful UV rays is a must, and a gentle sunscreen comes highly recommended from the Toska team.

“While your spa day doesn’t have to be as serious as a doctor’s appointment, it shouldn’t be seen as frivolous pampering,” she says. “Instead, see it as a form of care that your body needs. Healthy skin is a part of a healthy you!”