Home Away from Home at the Goodyear House

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North Davidson is an eclectic neighborhood brimming with both artistic flair and rich history. Originally an early 1900’s mill town, NoDa has evolved into a thriving, creative space for everything from music to drinks. Goodyear House aims to honor the area’s roots while contributing to its vibrant food scene.

“I’m a transplant from Michigan and have always felt welcomed by NoDa,” says Goodyear House owner AJ Klenk. “Its people are welcoming, team-oriented, ambitious, inspired and community-minded… That kind of built-in character is impossible to recreate and really sets NoDa up well for sustained long-term success.”

Good Vibes

Goodyear House is an aptly named restaurant born out of a renovated mill house. “Each room or area has a unique feel and vibe,” says head chef and restaurant partner Chris Coleman, who honed his skills in part at the restaurant Stoke before helping open Goodyear. “It keeps the restaurant cozy and comfortable instead of grand and opulent. Postcards and knick-knacks adorn our walls and shelves and are reminiscent of how a family would decorate their homes.” 

Every room here is designed to look as if a homeowner from a particular era decorated it. The front room has church pews from the 1920s. Meanwhile, the main bar has old Jeep Renegade seat covers from the 1970s. As a restaurant that embodies the community-centric feeling that’s been part of NoDa for decades, Goodyear House does its best to make its patrons feel at home. 

“The idea of a Goodyear House is a home that grows and lives and breathes with the family inside of its walls,” says Coleman. “We all strive to make the place we reside an extension of ourselves… we’ve taken a structure that has been in the same place for over a century, breathed new life into it, and hopefully created the best version of itself it can be.”

Good Food

That version involves community outreach and of course, good food. While the menu at Goodyear House might seem simple at first glance, its flavors are anything but. 

“We are taking dishes that one would eat at home and elevating them for a restaurant experience,” notes Coleman. “Our menu consists of locally sourced produce, sustainably raised proteins, and the freshest seafood our coasts and mountain streams have to offer.”

In addition to their elevated home-cooked meals, Goodyear House curates a robust drink menu. On it, you can find craft cocktails and hand-chosen wines and beers. 

Good Intentions

Because the eatery is dedicated to benefiting the local community, locals can also expect to see a healthy number of live events and philanthropic programs.

“It may sound corny, but we really want to make a difference and give back,” says Klenk. “We feel fortunate to be in the position where we can have a potentially significant impact on others… We have a 501c3 non-profit that’s in process called Goodyear Giving. There, we plan to focus charitable efforts on both local and international causes.”

Goodyear House always welcomes new ideas for charitable work, as well as ambitious talent looking to join a dedicated culinary team. 


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