The Foundry Asheville is a rustic location with a modern luxurious experience

The Foundry Asheville

When planning your trip to the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina; The Foundry Hotel provides an active setting for a relaxing stay in the “Land of the Sky.” With the perfect backdrop of The Foundry Asheville is the perfect place to explore ever-growing downtown streets, and renowned nature paths only miles away, the location of this hotel allows a prime opportunity to fully immerse yourself in all of the culture and exploration that the city is known for. The building itself graduated from a steel factory to a contemporary, restored setting for an eclectic visit. 

The Foundry Asheville


The Building and Decor

Although The Foundry’s traditional brick exterior raises old-world tones; the hotel’s interior presents an artistic approach to modernity; extremely fitting for the vibrant city of Asheville. Each room is expertly curated to impress guests with each individual design. Modern art installations hang upon the exposed brick walls, contrasting the crisp neutral color palette, completed with contemporary furniture, ornate tiling, and dark wood accents. An overall vintage aesthetic lingers in each room to pay homage to the building’s rich history. Each wide window provides a view of the city of Asheville from traditional churches to quirky spots to dine.

The Foundry Asheville

The Dining

As far as in-house fine hotel dining goes, Benne on Eagle takes the cake. The rustic wooden interior combined with the soothing low-lit atmosphere promises an enjoyable dinner experience without leaving The Foundry’s doors. The highly recommended Pan-Fried Sunburst Trout is a must. But if you’re not into fish, the Onion-Braised Rabbit will awaken your taste buds. Enjoy a frothy post-supper cocktail such as the Hibiscus and Honey or Pumpkin and Clove. 

The District

Neighboring River Arts District, historical sights, and The Blue Ridge Mountains presents guests of The Foundry with ample activities to fill their day in the blooming city. For an artistic awakening, stroll through River Arts District to experience the true art and culture within each vibrant graffiti-dresses building. Take in the workings of skilled glass professionals at the North Carolina Glass Center, marvel at local masterpieces at Warehouse studios and countless other galleries, or take a wine break to sip while touring local hotspot Pleb Urban Winery. Asheville is known for its prominent art scene, so street and studio art alike can be found in each nook and cranny of the city. 

The Foundry Asheville

To immerse yourself in Asheville’s intriguing historical background, take a trip to the renowned Biltmore Estate to experience a taste of the Gilded Age through the pristine halls of George Vanderbilt’s Chateauesque creation. Perhaps gaze upon the classic statues and shining stained glass accents of the Basilica of Saint Lawrence. For a unique historical experience, visit Grovewood Village; home of Asheville’s only antique car museum. 

The Adventure

The Appalachian mountains are only a few miles away from The Foundry. They provide easy access to adventures involving hiking, waterfalls, and diverse nature sightings. Asheville’s therapeutic Salt Cave is the ideal relaxation destination. Chimney Rock State Park is close and presents a stunning mountain top view.  The Asheville Outdoor and Adventures Centers offer excursions from zip lining to kayaking for an action-filled afternoon. 

A weekend stay at The Foundry Hotel includes delectable in-house dining options, rustic relaxation, and an opportunity to take Asheville by storm.