Charlotte’s Coffee Shops for the days you need that added, extra buzz

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Photos by Jamey Price and Kyo H. Nam

Your Round Up of Charlotte’s Coffee Shops:
Just like that, you’ll find you’ve once again reached the beginning of a new week… where did the weekend go? Was there even a weekend? Why don’t we feel rested at all? Regardless of the grounds for your exhaustion, Charlotte is full of places to refuel your energy and grab a steaming (or freezing, your call) cup of joe. Our picks range from small, simple coffee shops to swing into, to large roasteries where you can play with kittens… and everything in-between.

Basal Coffee 
Basal Coffee shows consideration and passion when it comes to their hot beverages. In fact, Basal means “of or relating to the foundation, base, or essence”, and their foundation is centered aroudn serving the city and world, and creating, pushing and challenging boundaries. With that base of strong commitments, Basal Coffee is able to provide a menu full of tasty drinks and snacks that rotate every two weeks and two months, respectively.

Mac Tabby Cat Café 
Mac Tabby Cat Café is unlike your run-of-the-mill coffee shop. Instead of paying per drink and enjoying light music with your espresso, here you pay per hour. That includes your drink and allows you to play with the kitties… seriously. And the best part is if you fall in love with one of the cats, Mac’s tabbys are available for adoption! You can also unleash your creativity during one of the art classes they offer, or stretch out during a yoga class at Mac Tabby Cat Café.

Charlotte's Coffee Shops
Basal Coffee

Roots Cafe
Located on Southend Drive, Roots Cafe offers delicious coffee with locally-sourced ingredients that were handcrafted with love. You can get your fill by subscribing to their monthly services. For $25 you can get unlimited drip coffee per month and for $40 all coffee options like cold brew, espresso, lattes, and cappuccino are unlimited per month. Additionally, you can get brunch or small plates to go with your beverage.

Rush Espresso 
With their unique, contemporary venue and a wide selection of international coffee, tea, beer, and wine, Rush Espresso offers a great setting for get-togethers with family and friends. Whether it’s time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or after-dinner coffee, Rush Espresso is the place to go. By having three different locations in Charlotte, they make it easy for anybody to find a setting close to them.

Central Coffee Co. 
Simple, made with care, and neighborhood-oriented are the three best words to describe Central Coffee Company. Jimmy and Louisa Kleto opened up shop in 2009 and have been making tasty Joe Van Gogh java to the community ever since. Although Central Coffee has a focus on espresso, they offer more than would appear. Beverage options range from cold brew to lattes and Italian soda. Check out Central Coffee Company and leave with a delicious drink in hand.

Charlotte's Coffee SHops
Rhino Market and Deli’s lunch

Rhino Market and Deli
Rhino Market and Deli of Uptown Charlotte and Morehead is more than just a coffee shop, it is a beloved neighborhood market and deli. By providing local and baked goods, wine and specialty coffee, a great experience is guaranteed. Rhino Market has a menu that features different selections daily as well as vegetarian and vegan options – allowing everybody to enjoy food here.

Lincoln’s Haberdashery 
For those searching for something unique and authentic, Lincoln’s Haberdashery should be on the top of your list. Prepared food by Chef Michael Shortino of Futo Buta, wine, and coffee, and a few retailers can all be found here. Regardless of whether you’re shopping for fresh ingredients or dining on a date, Lincoln’s Haberdashery has exactly what you need.

Charlotte's Coffee Shops
Lincoln’s Haberdashery

Trade and Lore 
Trade and Lore has two locations – one in Charlotte, and one in Asheville – but both feature specialty coffee. This cafe prides themselves on community enrichment by empowering local roasters and providing a nice area to relax. Their partners include The Rue, Mountain Air Roasting, Dobra Tea, and Whisk and Wood Bakery.

Smelly Cat Coffeehouse 
Smelly Cat Coffeehouse roasts their own ethically-sourced coffee and provides an approachable, welcoming coffeehouse for all their guests to enjoy. On top of that, Smelly Cat masterminds their own nitrogenated cold-brew coffee on tap and serves craft in-season, single origin and blend coffees. However, what separates Smelly Cat from the competition is their office coffee service. You can book a coffee tasting at your place and decide who is paying the bill or have their coffee equipment installed at your office.

Charlotte's Coffee Shops
Not Just Coffee – Atherton

Not Just Coffee 
Miracle and James Yoder opened Not Just Coffee in 2011 and promise intentionality and passion in every drink for all of their customers. The Yoders prove their dedication to the community by partnering with Homeland Creamery and Counter Culture Coffee to craft flavorful brews. With a name like “Not Just Coffee,” you can expect there to be, well, more than just your everyday coffee choices. Their brewing opportunities extend from pour-overs to syphon pots and fine espresso beverages.  When you are in the mood for coffee and don’t know what you want, Not Just Coffee is an ideal choice.