Clean Catch Fish Market

Clean Catch Restaurant

Clean Catch Fish Market is a full-service fish market offering the very best quality seafood from fisheries, producers and processors who have been certified against the leading standards for product quality, eco-labeling, sustainability, traceability and organic and responsible fishing.

Bill Ryan, owner of Clean Catch, plays an integral role in maintaining the high quality of product Clean Catch supplies to its eager customers. By prioritizing wild fish, many of which come from the local waters off the coast of North Carolina, Ryan is able to deliver a far superior product and a level of freshness that is unsurpassed. His strong relationships with the local fishermen in the state and region allow this to happen, and it’s a great thing: customers get world-class ingredients and the local economy is supported.

To offer a wide range of amazing seafood, Ryan rounds out his offerings by sourcing from around the country and world, including fish from areas like Alaska, Massachusetts, Faroe Islands, and New Zealand. These fish and seafood are wild and free range, once again guaranteeing a fresher and healthier product.

The fish arrive daily, options varying depending on seasonality and availability. In addition to fresh seafood, Clean Catch also offers a small selection of chef prepared foods, organic and sustainable wines and other high-end accoutrements.

When Ryan isn’t out fishing or developing relationships with the best fishermen in the region, he is at Clean Catch on Selwyn tending to his loyal customers in a family-oriented, service-driven environment. When it comes to Clean Catch, the attention to detail with both the product and service is evident.