Haberdish’s Ice Spheres bring Mystery and Intrigue to NoDa Cocktails

Haberdish Ice Spheres
Photo by Jamey Price

We don’t know how they’re made, we don’t really know everything that goes into a single one, and we damn sure don’t know how they’re kept so cloudless and transparent. So far, it’s a well-kept secret. Thanks to a little Cold-War-era trench-coat espionage, though, we do know that you can now find Jeff Tonidandel’s crystalline balls of ice at Haberdish in NoDa. What’s more—every flower and herb inside them is edible. They’re some of the coolest garnishes we’ve seen in the Queen City, and—if the Colleen Hughes concoctions we’ve already tried are any indication—the drinks they’ll be garnishing are sure to do them justice.

Sorry to disappoint, but I would be happy to fix you a drink to help soothe the pain.

 Haberdish Mixologist Colleen Hughes on keeping the method secret