The Newest Living Kitchen is Open in South Park

living kitchen

South Park is now home to our favorite organic, fresh, plant-based restaurant. 

This will be Living Kitchen’s fourth location since expanding to Raleigh as well as opening its Chapel Hill location in February.  

Since Living Kitchen opened its original location in SouthEnd in 2010, the response from Charlotte locals has been astounding. The restaurant is overflowing with customers on any given day, and continues to be one of the preferred lunch spots in the SouthEnd area.

living kitchen

While the food aims for good presentation and nutrition, the obvious, most important goal is that the food actually tastes good for everybody. Living Kitchen’s menu has a variety of options and flavors intended to appeal to all potential diners – including, but is not limited to, burgers, burritos, sandwiches, and salads. Everything, of course, comes with a veggie twist.

They also make all-natural smoothies, a variety of different coffee and tea beverages, and even cold-pressed juices that actually have their own juice truck. The truck can be found all around the Charlotte area.

The SouthEnd location has not only offered refreshing food, but a refreshing look. Just walking into this restaurant will make your body feel that much healthier.

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If you have never had a raw dish before now is the perfect time to make a stop at the new location to test one out for yourself.