The Asbury Dishes Up BBQ Scallops and Octopus

Capturing the flavors of a summer barbecue in one sophisticated dish sounds like a feat in and of itself, but the Asbury takes it one step further.

Named in honor of Louis Asbury, Sr., the Charlotte architect who designed the Mayfair Manor—now The Dunhill Hotel—in 1929, The Asbury offers dishes that are uniquely Carolinian. There is a strong tie to heirloom ingredients native to our area, lost to time and modernization, as well as specialty items grown by small, family farms throughout the local region.

With this dish, you won’t find the typical ribs, brisket, or sausages. Instead, barbecued scallops and octopus prevail as the main feature. Vegetables cooked directly in hot coals add a smoky, delicate flavor, perfectly paired with a light, summery tomato vinaigrette.

Along with the crisp, fresh flavors of fennel and the final touch, a poached egg to add creaminess and complexity, the Asbury has created a luxurious barbecue we definitely want an invite to.