A Queen City New Year: Read These Resolutions & Traditions

New Year's Eve 2019 Charlotte

As we prepare to send off 2016, we wanted to reach out to some of our favorite Charlotteans to see how they are preparing for the New Year and how they celebrate the traditions of the season.

It wouldn’t be the holidays without our go-to celebrations, and it wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without champagne, funny glasses, sparkly dresses or spiffy tuxes, and, inevitably, those pesky resolutions. If you’re in need of resolution ideas or simply some inspiration for some new traditions, read on for some insight from these notable Charlotteans.

Reeve Coobs, Charlotte musician
“I’m hoping to make 2017 a year of trails. My resolution is to spend more time exploring the many walking trails in and around the Charlotte area. My goal is to try a new one at least once a month.”

Christopher Warren-Green, Director of the Charlotte Symphony
“I resolve to work even harder to secure the future of the Charlotte Symphony.”

Mary Elizabeth Peterson, Charlotte artist
“Don’t laugh, but I need to get off Cheez-Its. I’ve become so obsessed with them I have to buy the mini bags so they are always crispy and fresh!”


Lauren Clement, interior designer
“In 2017, I resolve to learn how to cook. I can design a kitchen, but cooking in one is an entirely different story! Luckily, my husband likes to play chef, so I have avoided the task entirely, but I want to spend time learning about food and cooking with my daughters.”

Emily ‘Breeze’ Watson, fitness coach & instructor
“In 2017, I look forward to growing my social media presence and taking fitness on the road with bootcamps at luxury hotels around the world. In a more personal sphere, I’d love to compete with my teammates at the CrossFit Games, welcome another baby into our family, and spend one hour each night completely unplugged.”


Ayisha McMillan Cravotta, Charlotte Ballet Academy Director
“My New Year’s resolution is to figure out my pressure cooker, which I have never used before. I plan to use it to make delicious meals for my family. I also dream that I’ll be so successful at it, that it will become the foundation of my new multibillion-dollar empire, creating solutions for feeding a toddler dinner before 8 PM.”

Mara Campolungo, Executive Director of The Sandbox
“Every holiday season, I make a point to spend time at the ocean. I’ve always been fascinated by it – the rolling waves, the breeze, the sand. It’s where I can find peace, rest, and a quiet time to meditate and listen to God’s voice. Digging my feet in the sand reminds me of how anything is possible. We have a blank canvas and, if we work together, we can build something amazing. That’s exactly what we try to do with our organization, The Sandbox. We meet families going through the difficult diagnosis of a child, and we work together to build and restore hope to families who desperately need it.”

Phil Buchy, Founder of Legion Brewing
“Fifteen years ago, I took over the role of hosting a long-established New Year’s Day brunch for a ‘Legion’ of family and friends. I get up early every January 1st to smoke pork BBQ and cook up a large pot of collard greens, Hoppin’ John style black eyed peas, and cast iron skillet bacon corn bread. We all stand around a roaring fire pit, pulling pints from a nearby keg of Juicy Jay IPA, Carolina Sparkle Party, and Freedom Park Pale Ale, enjoying the first day of the new year, surrounded by the ones we love.”

LeMond Crayton-Hart, owner of House of LeMond
“At the House of LeMond, we believe that we receive gifts so that we can be gifts to others. So we love finding creative ways to give back to the community that has done so much for us. This year, we adopted a family and will be serving the homeless at a shelter on Christmas Day.”


Amanda Moody, Charlotte artist
“The most unique portion of my holiday is centered around food! Ever since I was a kid, my family and I have surrounded ourselves with a culinary smorgasbord on Christmas Eve. My mother is from Berlin, so there is a ton of pickled herring, sausages, smoked salmon, marinated artichokes and olives, fancy cheeses, and french bread. Plus, we usually do both a cheese and chocolate fondue and a Feuerzangenbowle, which is mulled wine poured over a cone of sugar, then mixed with rum and heated in a copper pot. We just hang out and sip and eat and sip some more and eat some more… it’s my favorite night of the year, simply because of the crazy grub we eat!”