Duy’s Dreams: Lark and Key

Lark and Key
Lark and Key

As a young Vietnamese immigrant, Duy Huynh relied on his creativity and imagination. Struggling with the language barrier and his new surroundings, Duy took refuge in the art of comics, cartoons and graffiti. His talents were noticed by others and at the tender age of 8, he learned that it was possible to make a connection through the use of a visual language.  His childhood influences followed him through adulthood and ultimately to his current home in Charlotte twenty years ago. After studying graphic design, illustration, and painting at UNC Charlotte, Duy Huynh couldn’’t help but share his dream-like, imaginative creations with the public, showing his paintings and murals at local coffee shops, restaurants, and music venues. Duy’s whimsical paintings are full of symbolism and references from the many things that influence the artist’s everyday life.

“So many things inspire me; music, movies, books, nature, science and dreams. Most of all I am inspired by storytelling, or at least presenting the symbolic images that could possibly lead to a story.  At times my paintings can be very personal, but my hope is that they maintain a level of universal resonance and connectivity.”

Every piece is extremely personal but like the individuality of a fingerprint, can be interpreted differently from each and every viewer.  Everyone’s experience is different which adds to the story the artist tells.  The artist explores many themes that often repeat from painting to painting. Images that recur like trains, boats, and suitcases symbolize traveling elements, whether they are physical or spiritual. He explores the human figure, often portraying serene characters whose human aspirations coincide with patterns from nature. When asked how he would describe his own work, Duy says, “I’m never sure how to categorize my style, but I frequently hear ‘dreamlike narratives’. I’’ve also heard it referred to as ‘eye candy’, which I’ll take as a compliment. But I hope my work also has some nutritional value along with being a sweet treat.”  

Duy Huynh’’s works can be seen in many galleries in Charlotte, but most notably in Lark and Key Gallery and boutique, which he co-owns with his wife Sandy Snead.

For more information on Duy and his paintings or to view his portfolio visit www.larkandkey.com.