Hidell Brooks Gallery Exhibits Two New Artists

hidell brooks gallery
hidell brooks gallery

Hidell Brooks Gallery is opening 2 exhibitions on Friday, September 8th from 6 – 8pm for Susan McAlister and Kate Long Stevenson. Both artists will be present at the opening. The exhibitions will run September 8-30.

McAlister’s show, “Natural Patterns” is a part of her love affair with nature. “My work is rooted in a love of land and place,” she says.  “Everyday views become mythical environments where past, present and future collide. imagined combines with real, abstraction with representation.”

hidell brooks gallery

She resides in Charlotte, but says she also calls South Carolina’s Lowcountry, Virginia’s Hunt Country and Montana’s Ruby River Valley home.

Kate Long Stevenson is exhibiting “Water and Air”, a continuation of her exploration of both motion and the female figure.

“In the early stages of preparing for the show, I’d shift from a wild, saturated abstract to a very airy rendering of the figure. water and air—both at once chaotic, at once calming, blue and spatial, gestural and fluid, one ever influencing the other—emerged quickly as a common theme,” she says.

Be sure to stop by Hidell while these two talents are on display.