How to Make the Most of Your Time Inside

Lucy And Company Living Room

Rule number one of making the most of being inside right now is don’t feel like you have to make the most of being inside right now.

Hot take: the midst of a pandemic is not the time to berate yourself for not being your most productive self. You have a lot on your mind. For some of you, that may be assessing how to better your chances of surviving this. For others, that may be is mulling over possible substitutes for toilet paper. No matter where you fall on the worry spectrum, carve out a bit of time each day to sit with your anxieties. 

Rule number two is to nap at will. Things are weird right now and it’s going to make you tired. It’s a natural response, and you’ll do your body and your brain a favor by getting plenty of rest.

If after following rules one and two, you feel like tackling a project inside (because, let’s be honest, the pollen struggle is real), consider one of these suggestions.

Spring Clean

Scrub those sideboards. Magic erase those walls. Degrease that stovetop. Organize that closet. Attack that junk drawer. Want to get really crazy? Alphabetize your spice cabinet.


Pick up the basics of a new language. YouTube search how to be a mixologist. Ask your spouse/family members/roommates if they can teach you how to play an instrument. Finally understand how Microsoft Excel works.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Select a nice bouquet theme to feel like you’re enjoying the boons of spring without the dry throat and scratchy eyes of sitting in a pollen garden. Plaza Midwood’s Moxie Mercantile is selling an excellent selection here.


Put a dent in that teetering tower of unread books on your nightstand. Tackle a long series like The Lord of the Rings trilogy, or pick a theme for your reading like every Stephen King book ever written or every National Book Award winner from the last decade. Invite a few friends to participate in a virtual book club, and support your indie bookstore by ordering online from Main Street Books or Park Road Books.

Teach Your Pets New Tricks

Shake. Play dead. Roll over. Bring me a soda.

Make Candles

The process is not actually that difficult, the end result is immensely satisfying (not to mention utilitarian), and you have complete control over the scent!

Spa Day

Treat yourself to a facemask, luxurious bubble bath, manicure, or deep conditioning in the comfort of your own home and your own fluffy robe. Order all your home spa essentials from Charlotte’s Toska Spa here.

Watch Bob Ross’ ‘The Joy of Painting’

The dulcet tones of Bob Ross’ iconic voice provide a soothing auditory backdrop to the creation of masterpieces. Get the kids to join for a bit of family fun. Source your supplies locally by buying online from Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff.

Charlotte's Painters

Make a Meal from Scratch

No jars, no frozen foods – just one person, a kitchen, and real ingredients. Hop on board the home-baked bread train if you’re feeling particularly industrious.


These golden gems from the late 21st century afford equal doses of exercise and giggles. If you want to keep the exercise but drop the silly, Nike has a great training app with plenty of indoor and small space workout routines. Better yet, keep it local by joining Charlotte fitness celebrity Emily ‘Breeze’ Ross Watson’s online community.