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The Jerald Melberg Gallery made its debut in Charlotte in 1983. A young art connoisseur took note of a city with an untapped art scene.  Since then, the gallery, named after founder Jerald Melberg, has hosted numerous collections and works from artists all around the United States and Europe. These carefully selected artists exhibit collections of poetic demonstrations, regardless of style, that breathe different life into the spaces of the gallery, and into the city. 

Located in the Myers Park neighborhood, the gallery itself is sleek and simplistic. The collections display with mindless elegance and careful consideration. The glass doors on the outside give way into a neat showroom with gently painted walls, warm lighting, and precise spaces between each canvas. The physical design of the gallery is a work of art itself. 

The Jerald Melberg Gallery typically has two collections on display at a time and is home to two different showrooms. In addition to the public gallery, there is a private presentation room, where viewers can enjoy critically-acclaimed works. Visit the gallery to study the art up close, but also take advantage of the online showroom. There, you can find two featured collections. 

Melberg regularly shows artists like Romare Bearden, Wolf Kahn, and Charles Basham, who are all among the many featured artists. The variety at this gallery, seen primarily in color, technique, and size, ensures accessibility and delight for all. If you’d like to visit the gallery for personal viewing or to place new pieces in a corporate collection, the Jerald Melberg Gallery has the expertise and reputation to provide an unparalleled experience.

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