Marek Ranis and Regine Bechtler Come to the New Gallery of Modern Art

Beginning January 17, The New Gallery of Modern Art will unveil two new exhibits.

Marek Ranis’s new series of paintings, Sea Scapes, is a visual interpretation of his observations, travels, and research in the Arctic. His abstracted “seascapes” of the North aspire to represent the disappearing, the remote, and (for most) the foreign but ultimately things that are very much connected to our world down here. Join in as well for Coffee & Conversation with Marek January 20 from 11am-12:30pm as he presents his latest series of paintings and works on paper and explains how it relates to his previous 2D, 3D, and video projects.

Then, on Friday January 26 from 6-8pm the second artist, Regine Bechtler will host an informal conversation as she walks us through her creative process and influences, from ancient mythology to modern fairy tales.

New Gallery of Modern Art

Regine latest series is comprised of works that combine the figural, either human or animal, with geometric forms, from squares to spheres, to create a flock of surreal statuettes. She says: “The term ‘phantasmagorical’ is defined as something having a fantastic or deceptive appearance, like something in a dream or created by the imagination. These new works reflect on being aware of oneself and simultaneously the universal flaws of human nature. Existence can be quite dynamic, constantly shifting and changing, sometimes with a particular purpose and other times utterly inexplicably. We must either choose to see the beauty in transformation or see it as a dark cautionary tale on how nothing is what it seems at first glance.”