Let’s Choose To “Postpone, Don’t Cancel” Charlotte Events

Summer Pops in SouthPark Charlotte NC
Photo courtesy of Charlotte Symphony - Summer Pops in SouthPark Charlotte NC

Charlotte NC Events – Protecting the Purveyors Through “Postpone, Don’t Cancel”

Today our nation monitors the CDC and World Health Organization recommendations. We also are monitoring guidelines and preventative measures given by North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper. It is evident that the health and safety of the Charlotte community is a major priority. When facing uncertainty involving the current COVID-19 crisis, providing reliable information in regards to public safety is critical. 

The event industries and professionals of Charlotte acknowledge the increased need for information. They also believe in the importance of flexibility with our community in these times of uncertainty. Locals can expect to see an influx of postponements, email updates and public service announcements. This will effect various large gatherings of both social and cultural importance.

Charlotte NC Events
Charlotte Symphony, Charlotte NC Events

Adjusting to these changes have been difficult. However, it’s in the best interest of many of these events to postpone events rather than cancel. Postponing keeps these events active and funded. It also assures the public that this temporary change is the best position to take for their well being. Therefore also giving the community something to look forward to. During this time, difficulties related to the virus may be inevitable. For this reason, it’s important to keep a look out for any updates. Check your email for PR statements and terminology used on various social media accounts regarding events.

We encourage you to also help spread the word about Charlotte events. Together we can protect them in their efforts to postpone the gatherings, rather than to cancel them entirely.