A Living Room By Barrie Benson

Barrie Benson

Barrie Benson is a Charlotte based interior designer best known for juxtaposing modern with traditional in the interiors she designs. Barrie is one of the most recognized commercial and residential designers in our region: Her designs are striking, colorful, and unexpected. She used her signature touch in this home to give the owners a brand-new aesthetic.

Barrie Benson took the Charlotte ranch house’s traditional living room and threw a design curveball: The goal, Benson tells us, was to bring a heightened level of interest and sophistication to the room, while still remaining true to the life of the young family living there. Because they wanted to shake up the classic style, Benson added the luxe custom sofa and the intricate Florence Broadhurst wallpaper to the entry. The pops of color, from the pillows to the coffee table books, add even more layers to the detail-oriented space.

Want to try a DIY?
Wallpaper: Florence Broadhurst

Sofa: custom Belvedere sofa
Rug: Charlotte Rug Gallery
Mirror: custom through Barrie Benson
Chris Edwards, photographer