Create Your Oasis: Oasis Pools Plus

Oasis Pools Plus
Oasis Pools Plus

 If a Southern summer brings to mind wicker patio furniture, the smell of grilled food, hanging ferns, and a pitcher of sweet tea, Oasis is right on your page. Their expansive outdoor living showcase located in Charlotte is dedicated to turning anyone’s patio or backyard space into a mini-retreat.

For nearly 40 years, Michael Kooiman’’s family has been running Oasis Pools Plus and the Peppermint Forest Christmas Shop. Wally and Susan Kooiman brought their extensive retail experience with them from Florida to North Carolina, launching the store in 1979.

Outdoor chairs in vibrant colors from Oasis Pools Plus.
Outdoor chairs in vibrant colors from Oasis Pools Plus.

The unique business model, featuring nearly opposite product lines, has allowed the Kooiman’s to sell highly seasonal products to Charlotteans all year round. During the summer months, Oasis is fully decked out with patio furniture, pools, and spas galore and in the winter, they transform into a Christmas wonderland.

Oasis has avoided expanding online and instead remains a small business wholly dedicated to serving the local market.

“”After 36 years, we have a great feel for what the people of the Carolinas are looking for in an outdoor space,”” Michael Kooiman says. “”And we still firmly believe that furniture is something that you should sit in before you buy it.”

“Our customers can actually come in to feel the comfort and the quality.””

Though originally founded as a pool and spa store, Oasis has evolved into a complete outdoor living products retailer. From custom furniture to grills and smokers, Oasis offers just about everything to complete an outdoor space. Kooiman and his business partner, Mark Ohrman, work hard to curate the highest quality, on-trend products. Their outdoor living lines hail from places like High Point Market of NC and Casual Furniture Markets in Chicago to larger international brands like Sunbrella and Tommy Bahama.

Michael Kooiman took over the business from his now-retired parents just six months ago. After learning the tricks of the trade from his family over the years, he says he is now simply trying to take what Wally and Susan built to the next level. ““Each day is different and there’s lots of fun stuff,”” he notes. ““As with most small business owners, no two days are the same.””

One of the most exciting things in the world of outdoor furniture today is that technological advances have made it possible for just about any type of decor or furnishing to be used outdoors. Charlotteans can find pieces that suit their home’s style. Oasis prides themselves on their mix of durability and beautiful design. Outdoor living will always be a timeless piece of the Southern culture and extending a home’s livable space into the backyard is a must for local residents. As Kooiman notes, “with fire features for the cooler weather and fans and umbrellas for the heat, North and South Carolinians can – and do – enjoy their outdoor spaces nearly year round. “

“Everything seems a little more fun, a little more relaxing outside,”” Kooiman says.  “I think we feel connected to the outdoors, [we’re] more at home there.””

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