Theory Design’s Transitional Bedroom Renews Interest in the Private Space

Theory Design Bedroom
Photo by J. Pruett Photography

Theory Design says that the perpetually closed bedroom door is out. We’re hearing more and more that bedrooms should be more than just a place to lay your head. Your private space, like any other place in the home, should be an attractive abode, one you’re not only proud to show off, but also one to which you actually like to retreat.

Emily Hudgens and Toni Hollingsworth of Theory Design Studio understand the bedroom’s renewed importance in home design. In this well-lit, transitional bedroom space, Hudgens and Hollingsworth employ their knack for clean—but never cold—neutrals in this space to wonderful, inviting effect.

“The goal with this space was an inviting retreat with elegant and fluid prints,” Hudgens says, “creating a relaxing environment when combined with statement furniture pieces.”

As with every Theory Design interior, the sophisticated color palette crafts a vibe that’s at once welcoming at relaxing, the cinnamon and mink meld beautifully with the carefully selected patterned pieces. This warm aesthetic invites you to keep your eyes open as much as close them.