Theory Design Studio Makes a Pool Room

Theory Design

Theory Design Studio has—once again—designed a space that has something for everyone. Their luxurious take on a pool room is not just your run of the mill basement area but, rather, an inviting social gathering spot. From the lavish wooden pool table itself to the earthy hardwood floors and stocked snack bar, they have created a design that is universally enjoyable. Because the home is surrounded by the peaceful Catawba River and Lake Wylie, nautical influences are a major motif in the design aesthetic.

Theory Design

“This space is perfect for large families or hosting parties,” Keri Cooper, Theory Design Studio’s Director of Operations, says. “The snack bar and game tables are perfect for the kids, and a game of pool offers fun for the adults, too.”

The generously-sized windows flood the room with natural light, to create an open, airy space.

“Our goal was to create a space that would function for entertainment and gathering purposes – whether that means a big party, or just a family game night,” Cooper shares. “We wanted to keep it open and comfortable to ensure endless possibilities of games, gathering, and a good time.”