Summer Skin Care Series With Toska Husted: The “Instagram Skin” Phenomenon

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In our Summer Skincare Series, we’re letting the expert Toska Husted, of one of the best spas in Charlotte (Toska European Spa in the Dilworth neighborhood), take over to address some of your most pressing skin issues. Chief amongst many people’s concerns is skin irritation and imperfections, and – surprise – Toska doesn’t have just another quick fix solution. In fact, she recommends quite the opposite.

“In many European countries, people start their skincare early and stick with a particular regimen,” she explains. “The result is skin that remains balanced and youthful through the years.”

However, as she observes, even with the people coming through the doors in her own practice, modern culture is more geared toward quick fixes; many people are looking for a product that will work immediately. Lots of products are advertised as such, to work within near impossible timeframes, and they claim to fix imperfections within hours or even minutes, creating a cycle where people are constantly trying a product, tossing it, and moving onto the next.

“Trying many different chemicals on your skin doesn’t sound all that good for you… and you’d be right in thinking so,” Toska says.

Basically, according to her, using different face products every day or week is going to strip your lipid barrier and leave you looking devitalized. The creams, serums, and cleansers often house all sorts of mystery ingredients and unnecessary scents that lead to skin redness and irritation (a phenomenon Toska playfully calls “Instagram Skin” because of the frequency with which people impulse-purchase all kinds of different skincare advertised on the platform).

Beyond that, Toska explains, the constant change isn’t great for how our skin naturally balances itself. Your skin will keep trying to adapt to all the different products, but, with frequent changes, it can’t keep up fast enough, which is what will lead to breakouts, dullness, oilness, and dryness. In short, you need to give your skin time (think weeks, months, and years, not hours and days) to adapt to changes, otherwise you’re going to throw its natural balance out of whack.

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So, the message here? Be patient with your complexion, and give your skin time to balance. At the same time, be wary of claims that a product can “instantly” fix all your problems.

Visiting a professional, like Toska, was one of the best (and most informative!) things I ever did for my skincare. And you know her impressive clientele roster exists for a reason. Her quick “skin analysis” machine, used to start off a session, can read everything from skin’s hydration level to the amount of oil and skin elasticity. With that information recorded, Toska then is able to personalize each person’s facial, which is exactly what she does next: You are treated with (and can leave with) products that are meant for long-term use and long-term results, and ones that match up to your individual skin’s actual needs, nothing arbitrary or “one size fits all.”

Stay tuned for part three in this three-part series!