Summer Skincare Series with Expert Aesthetician Toska Husted

Toska Charlotte
Photos of Toska by A Beautiful Mess Photography

Toska Husted, of Charlotte’s Toska European Spa in the Dilworth neighborhood, is an expert asethetician, and one of very few in the world trained under the French Biologique Recherche product method. Beloved for her results-driven, perfectly-tailored practice (and for her experience caring for some of the world’s most beautiful faces), Toska has become our go-to in Charlotte for skincare queries of all kind.

Education and keeping up with the trends is very important which is why I attend workshop seminars twice a year, in New York as well as other cities.

With the summer heat and full sunshine rapidly approaching, one of the questions at the top of our list was what we needed to know for the season. One of the first things that came up was keeping up with hydration—and not just of the drinking variety.

Toska Charlotte
Biologique Recherche serums, exclusively at Toska European Spa

According to Toska, while some people may not realize it, hydration is an essential first step of skincare. Dewy, healthy, glowing skin looks youthful and who doesn’t want that? And while moisturizing the outside of your skin is a step in the right direction, keeping your entire body hydrated also plays a key factor in skin health.

As Toska is the first to admit, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there about how much water you should drink: Should we aim for eight eight-ounce glasses, two liters, our own bodyweight in ounces…?

The truth is, she says, it’s most likely none of these statistics will apply to every single one of us.

“While our bodies do need water to survive, they can only process so much at once. In normal conditions, your kidneys can only process around a quarter to one half a liter of water an hour. Drink over this amount, and your body will only absorb what it needs and simply flush out the rest, leaving you with no extra benefits.”

Toska Charlotte
Biologique Recherche products on display at Toska European Spa

So, what’s the next best way to get your water in? Eat it.

Fruits and vegetables provide the hydration you need, but the water isn’t processed all at once. Instead, as your food is digested, it’s slowly released into your system and you’re less likely to just flush that water out.

“Along with getting healthy vitamins and fiber, you will also have a glowing complexion, thanks to your skin being able to retain the right amount of water.”

Instead of carrying around a gallon jug and forcing yourself to drink to get that glowy skin during the hotter months, reconsider how much water your body needs. Drink it and eat it, in healthy ways, and your skin will thank you.

And if your skin is looking a little dried out and dehydrated, Toska offers online and in-person consultations, and from there, can provide a tailored method, from masques to serums to cream, to help supplement your current hydration regimen.

Stay tuned for more in this three-part series!