Rook and King’s Lapel Pins Are Not to Be Missed

Rook and King
Rook and King - Jamey Price

As the founder and CEO of fashion brand Rook and King, Jeremiah Allen understands the power a simple accessory can hold—especially one with a handmade touch. Through Rook and King’s handcrafted lapel pins, Allen has not only brought a unique accessory to Charlotte locals, but has also made a name for himself as an artisan along the way.

“In my opinion, the details are everything,” notes Allen. “They’re one of the essential things that define anyone’s style.”

As a Charlotte local himself, Allen has been immersed in the city’s fashion scene for years. When he found himself craving a versatile piece that showcased strong details, Allen set his sights on lapel pins. He couldn’t find any that captured a unique look, Allen began handcrafting his own. By drawing inspiration from history, culture and even performance artists, he began to create pieces that were truly one-of-a-kind.

Rook and King
Rook and King – Jamey Price

“The thing that’s been really cool for me is how diverse my following is,” says Allen. “People who are really into fashion are gravitating toward my work because of the detail in them.”

Allen’s work is just as diverse as his following, ranging from simplistic lettering to intricate Egyptian symbolism. His eye for detail and respect for multicultural design has fueled the popularity of his pieces, so much so that they’ve begun popping up all over Charlotte. In addition to suits and jackets, Allen finds his pins adorning fedoras, dresses, and even T-shirts.

His advice to any newcomers looking to wear their first lapel pins? Don’t tuck the stickpin out of sight, and keep the end cap showing. “Other than that,” says Allen, “be true to yourself…People are all unique. I want them to style them however best expresses their uniqueness.”

As Rook and King grows, Allen hopes to continue encouraging self-expression through other forms of fashion. Hats, jackets, coats, and even sneakers, are all on his radar.

Rook and King
Rook and King – Jamey Price

“I dream of the day when Rook and King is a style haven,” says Allen. “A full-out brand that houses modern renditions of classic and timeless regal fashion expressions.”

With more and more people gravitating toward Rook and King, that day doesn’t seem too far off. Until then, you can find Allen’s lapel pins online through his website or on social media. Just don’t forget to leave the stickpin showing.

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