Rooster’s is an expression of the chef at home in the kitchen. Equipped with great skill, knowledge, and creativity, Executive Chef Jim Noble is still drawn to a simplicity that’s only aim is to satisfy.

That’s not to say this kind of cooking is easy. Simple food is harder to execute; there is nowhere to hide the flaws, so at Rooster’s they make sure that they don’t have to. Rooster’s sources the best ingredients possible from farmers and purveyors—many of them local—who care about quality as much as they do. They take all the time necessary to fully develop their flavors, often cooking over a wood-fed fire that adds character and depth.

Rooster’s signature dishes, like the spitfire roasted chicken or the mac and cheese, are comforting in their familiarity, while the daily menu celebrates the best of each season and gives guests something new to try. Their extensive and award-winning wine list, selected by Chef Noble and his longtime friend Eric Solomon, is both unpretentious and impressive.

Whatever you decide to enjoy, know that they will present it at the table with as much care as they took to prepare it, because the biggest difference between eating out and dining in is the service. Taking good care of people is fundamental to everyone at the Noble Food Group. Their constant aim is to satisfy the needs of others, at the supper table and beyond.

So at Rooster’s, dinner really is served. (Lunch is, too.)