Haberdish’s Mint Julep Demands Regular Consumption


Crepe Cellar, Growler’s Pourhouse, and Haberdish mixologist Colleen Hughes believes in layers: Fresh muddled mint followed by consecutive layers of shaved ice, Old Forester, more shaved ice, and a canopy topping of more fresh mint. It’s a no-frills beverage that bites with cold and warms with bourbon in quick succession, the kind of concoction that necessitates regular consumption.

The drugstore soda fountains and the wall of hard “medicines” at Haberdish make for an appropriate scene: When she’s behind the bar, Colleen is our favorite apothecary…and this copper-clad beaut is her most commonly filled prescription for good reason. Say hello to your penicillin, NoDa.


1 oz house infused mint simple syrup
2 1/2 oz Old Forester Bourbon
Several leaves of fresh mint


Gently muddle mint into bottom of cup. Add shaved ice and add a swizzle of bourbon in the cup to melt a little of the ice.
Finish with more shaved ice and a big bunch of mint on top. A julep straw is optional.