The Suffolk Punch’s Cascade Draft Coffee

The lines between kitchen, taphouse, and coffee shop are decidedly blurred in The Suffolk Punch. That makes each face of this unique compound something special: Somehow, Lindsey Pitman’s Hyde coffee bar manages to embrace the experience of the taphouse without eschewing the artistry of our favorite coffee dens. Take Hyde’s draft coffee, for example.

It’s smooth like a stout, but with the frothy head of a good lager. It can be made beerier, though: Throw in local cascade hops, and a drink that recalled your favorite pub has you reconsidering your favorite pub. And you can customize your drinks even further at Suffolk Punch; in fact, the beverage nerds here practically insist on it. With a little brown sugar, grapefruit peppercorn and rosemary bitters, the only thing this eyecatcher needs is a little gin. (Doc Porter’s or Sutler’s will do just fine, Lindsey.)

If you can’t tell, we’re looking forward to that forthcoming Hyde Coffee cocktail menu.