See The Best in CLT Fashion: A Closet Makeover By Kristin Heinrich

Kristin Heinrich Charlotte Fashion Stylist

When it comes to CLT fashion and style, Kristin Heinrich has long been one of our go-to experts. The Charlotte-based stylist spent the early part of her career in New York City. As an event planner, she worked with companies like Gucci, Hermes, La Perla, Tod’s and Burberry. Inside looks into that industry solidified a love for fashion that eventually steering her toward private styling. Today, she has a clientele who range from CEO’s to athletes to busy moms. She’s got a unique look, distinct taste, and ability to meet the needs of many.

Recently, she re-did the closet of another prominent female entrepreneur in our city, Shelly Henderson.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Shelly Henderson has lived in Charlotte for 40-plus years. As co-founder of Henderson Properties along with her husband, Phil, Shelly manages the full-service real estate company’s corporate culture and branding via content marketing and social media strategies. She also runs the company’s leadership development courses for employees. Previously, Henderson managed accounting, human relations, rental property management and maintenance services for the company.

They recently took a break out of their busy days to chat with us about closet makeovers, why less is more, and what’s next for the world of CLT fashion.

Shelly, what were your number one style needs or wants?

I wanted my wardrobe to reflect my professionalism and personality. I knew I needed to clean out my closet and let go of a lot, but I didn’t know what to get rid of and what to keep. Keeping up with trends is good but what trends are worth keeping, you know? I was very ready to get a second opinion and see what someone else thought. This may not be for everyone, but the transformation from going from “packed to purged” was life changing and I wanted to share it. I had a misconception that “more was better.” Wrong! Everything in moderation!

I am a business owner and mother. I have a lot of different pieces in my wardrobe, similar to the different pieces of my life, but I lost confidence in how I was wearing them. I felt overwhelmed and knew I had too much “stuff”. I am generally a very organized person with other elements of my life. I wanted my closet to be a sanctuary.

I was tired of my over stuffed closet and not being able to “find anything to wear”. I think sometimes we over spend in order to buy something new to get the instant gratification and feel good.

How did you and Kristin meet and decide to work together?

Through a women’s group: My husband and I started Henderson Properties over 20 years ago as a hobby-turned-career, and I have written a book about raising a family and our business called Starting From Scratch. Because of these efforts, I was asked to join a new national inaugural women’s group in town called KNOW Tribe. One of the expectations was to reach out to other members. I am a rule follower and went through the book that we were all featured in and came across Kristin’s page and thought she was someone who I wanted to do business with and who looked like she knew what she was doing. I contacted her and the rest is history.

What are some of the “unexpected” benefits of making over your closet?

I feel lighter; literally! I can actually see what is in my closet, and with Kristin’s help, I know that I don’t have to have a ton of clothes to have great outfits. Just like anything else, cleaning and purging a closet takes time and patience. It truly became my 2019 project.

Now, how do you maintain the non-cluttered, streamlined closet?

I don’t shop too often. When you do shop, you may not find the right thing but you might the next go around. Now, I wait for what I really like and buy timeless pieces that will last. I have committed to this like any other way of life. For over a year I have lived by the motto “if I don’t love it, wear it or use it; I don’t keep it.” I use Divine Consign to resell my nicer items and make extra cash to put toward whatever Kristin tells me to buy.

CLT Fashion
CLT Fashion – Shot at Sloan Boutique

At any age, we want to look and feel our best. I made a decision to invest in myself and took time to invest in a part of my life that I could control and make better. Whether your life is about business, family or your closet, you can always “start from scratch.” If you enlist in styling services, you are serious about the end goal. I am living proof that you don’t need to be model material with an endless cash flow to look and feel good. I found not only a great stylist but a new friend in Kristin. Your life and your closet will be what you make it and when you look good, you feel good. Kristin and I both aspire to inspire in our respective fields. Sometimes it takes a stranger to speak truth to you, whether that is real estate or clothing trends. I have listened to her tell me “no” on more than one occasion and it has paid off both with my time and saving money.

CLT Fashion
CLT Fashion By Kristin Heinrich with Sally Henderson at Sloan Boutique

Kristin, how do you help clients maintain the positive benefits of re-making their closets over time?

Like most of my clients in the CLT fashion realm, for Shelly, clothing and getting dressed every day hasn’t come easily to her and she was just looking for a lot more ease in her life in this area. My biggest hope, after working with a client for a period of time, is that they gain the confidence to start doing it on their own!

But even though many feel like they learn a lot through the process of working with me, the luxury of having a personal shopper is too appealing for them to want to start doing it on their own again. It’s like coloring your own hair, you can do it sure, but having a professional do it for you is so much easier and less stressful!

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Kristin, as a person who has spent a long time in the CLT fashion industry, what are some of the things you look for when a client wants their closet made over? What are some of the top questions you ask?

While some may find joy in shopping and getting dressed every day —many others do not!! In fact, some dread it! Shelly was in a similar situation to many clients I have worked with. When I came to edit her closet the first time, it was packed to the max. She was just buying things to buy and not really thinking it through or looking at the long term. That first visit, I eliminated about 1/3 of her wardrobe.

Each time I came, I got rid of more and according to Shelly, it was life-changing! We shopped together and bought some new key pieces (jewelry that worked with most every outfit, handbags, shoes) to incorporate into what remained, creating a more streamlined capsule wardrobe. With less clutter, she was able to breath when she walked into her closet. I put together on-trend outfits for any occasion and photographed them so getting ready for her day, no matter what was on the schedule, was a pleasant experience. Ultimately being polished and put together leads to the confidence one needs to conquer any busy day.

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You can find Shelly at @Hendersonproperties and Kristin at @kristin_heinrich_style