The Charlotte Fashion and Retail Experts Combine Forces with Fashion Forward

Charlotte's Fashion and Retail
Charlotte's Fashion and Retail Industry Presents Fashion Forward

The Charlotte fashion and retail experts get even more creative with “Fashion Forward”

The Charlotte fashion sector is one of the strongest, most vibrant in the country. However, but during March 2020, like so many businesses, these local retailers have been ordered by the state to close.

During the closures, they are working as hard as they can to pivot. They are giving their customers the option for at home deliveries of merchandise.

The sector is also a huge economic supporter in the Charlotte community. Our retail and fashion creatives are hurting, and I am writing to ask for your help.

How Fashion Forward Came To Be

All of that lead to Fashion Forward, a brand new coalition to support and preserve the local retail fashion industry. The idea came together with the aid of six talented local stylists (Sonya Barnes, Stacee Michelle, Whitley Hamlin, Kristin Heinrich, Catherine Horgan, and Arden Rucho). 21 different Charlotte stores and local designers (and counting) are also participating.

“We rely on one another,” the organizers explain. “Retailers can’t stay in business without customers, and stylists can’t do their jobs without retailers (support local).We realize we are all connected and while our businesses are all hurting greatly, there is another common theme: We all want to help others with an even greater need.”

What is Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward is now a place for retailers and designers to share and showcase awareness for their brands, as well as any discounts currently being offered. It has also turned into a  way each member can give back to those with an even greater need.  From percentages of sales being donated to local charities in dire need to giveaways of a dress for nominated deserving medical works or teachers, and employee relief funds, there are many ways to get involved.

Check out their efforts today at or on Instagram at @fashionforwardclt and help support Charlotte’s fashion and retail sector.


Charlotte's Fashion and Retail
Whitley Hamlin at her home