Charlotte Jewelry, Fashion, and Style From Stylist Kristin Heinrich: The Jen Collection Jewelry

Kristin Heinrich
Photos by Jamey Price

When it comes to jewelry in Charlotte, fashion stylist Kristin Heinrich has it covered. She was recently tapped as the Brand Ambassador for a line of fine jewelry out of Houston, Texas and is bringing the hard-to-find line to the Queen City.

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Kristin Heinrich and The Jen Collection

The Jen Collection was started less than two years ago by Houston native Jennifer Ramani, and the line is creating a huge buzz around the country already. It’s being sold only in select stores and places like Aspen, Austin, Laguna, Newport Beach, Atlanta and Dallas.


Kristin says she loves the jewelry for all of the edgy designs, the layers of yellow, white and rose gold, and the stacks of diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones.

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Kristin makes frequent trips to Houston to re-select inventory to sell in the Queen City. Starting in March, she will travel to cities across the country tapping her shop of choice lucky enough to carry the line. San Francisco, naturally, is the first stop she tells us. Follow along at or on Instagram at kristin_heinrich_style. To see the line in person, email Kristin for an appointment at