A Peek Behind the Curtains at Hart White Interiors

Hart White Interiors
Hart White Interiors

Hart White Interiors is a full service interior design firm based in Charlotte that tackles projects nationwide. The firm specializes in luxury residential design, assisting clients with interior project management, space planning, finish selection, furnishings, and styling for renovations, new builds, single room design, and full home design.

Kirsten Hart White created Hart White Interiors two years ago in order to focus more on new build and renovation design projects. A North Carolina native, White earned her degree in interior design and architecture from Western Carolina University before working as a designer in Hickory among some of the best furniture and textile manufacturers in the world. This experience enabled White to forge connections that continue to benefit her clients today. She also developed an encyclopedic knowledge of the quality and durability of different types of furniture, so she can guide her clients toward the furniture selections that make the most sense given their lifestyle needs and preferred aesthetic.

For new builds and renovations, Kirsten sees her firm’s role as the bridge between the client and builder, as well as the client advocate. She possesses a strong understanding of the process used by architects and builders and uses that knowledge to create a seamless process and build a true team with dovetailing approaches. For other design projects, Kirsten prides herself on her ability to listen to the client and extract the design they didn’t even know they wanted. “It’s our job to get in the client’s head not only to determine what they want and like, but also to create a space that exceeds their expectations,” says Kirsten.

Kirsten Hart White’s style is classic, timeless, and functional; a style influenced by her passion for European design and architecture. She believes that two critical components of a well-designed room are that it is both functional and layered. Part of her process is that Kirsten dedicates lots of time to understanding her clients’ lifestyles and daily routines.

Hart White just completed a vacation home in the Georgia swamps that her team fully furnished. It was, she said, one of the most fun projects she has executed. Her client was a family that enjoys running dirt bikes through the swamps and exploring the outdoors, but equally loves to relax in style. The home, tucked away in the woods, looks like an old “swamp shack” from the outside but inside is absolutely beautiful. “We anticipated kids running in with mud up to their knees so we used leathers and woods that could be cleaned, as well as hair on hide rugs that could easily be cleaned from any mud stains,” explains Kirsten. The project was not only a dream to execute, but also exemplifies White’s ability to blend elegance and comfort, aesthetic and function.

At Hart White Interiors, Kirsten benefits from the assistance of her team, Designers Kailee Toth & Gina Hopkins, Brandi Marlow and Elisha Lovejoy who manage all finance and expediting, Head of Sales Kristin Billy and Head of Branding & Marketing Kellyn Klug. With her team’s help, White has established a history of success at Hart White Interiors. She intends to preserve the firm’s reputation and continue growing the reach of this Charlotte-based business in the coming years.


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