Mariah Oller of Charlotte-based Harvest & Moon On Science, Magic, and Holistic Healing

Harvest & Moon
Harvest & Moon

Mariah Oller is helping make big waves for the women of Charlotte (and beyond). The founder of Harvest & Moon and the New Moon Tribe, she takes a special approach to connect modern women to ancient traditions so that they may live a more grounded, exciting, and empowered life.

Mariah, who has always held a passion for healing and support, received her first degree in Biotechnology when she was 17-years-old through the Texas Bioscience Institute and went on to become the lead Biologist designing Oxygen Concentrators for a Medical Device Company by 19-years-old.

Today, she is taking a more holistic approach, and bringing something to the Charlotte area that’s both surprising and refreshing, as she seamlessly blends the worlds of science and magic together to create healing and balance for the women of this community.

Where are you from originally, and if not CLT how did you end up here?

We are brand new to Charlotte! Hurricane Florence brought us here. I grew up in and around Austin, TX and had been living in Wilmington, NC for the last several years. We loved the beach, but we are so happy to be in the Queen City!
What is your background/training in? Who did you learn this work from?
My background and training are actually in the hard sciences. I got my degree through the Texas Bioscience Institute at the age of 17 and went on to study Cell & Microbiology. I spent a few years designing medical devices before I left the lab. I have spent the last 5-ish years learning Tarot. I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning about it, as there are always new layers to discover about the cards and their lessons. Science and magic have a lot more similarities than one might think.
Were you always drawn to spirituality and going beyond what we can “see”?
Intuition is in my blood, though I didn’t consider it to be a spiritual practice until a few years ago. I come from a long lineage of women who have a strong sense of “knowing.” My Grandma always knows when something is wrong with someone in our family.
If I asked you what you do for a living, what is the title you’d give yourself?
The most accurate way to answer this question is “Sacred Connector,” but Tarot Reader is the title that is easiest for people to understand. My work goes beyond reading cards. Tarot is the tool that I use, but ultimately I connect a lot of dots for people. I help them understand what got them in this situation, I share what they are meant to focus on next, and I help them figure out what they want to achieve in the future. I help women connect to their gifts, their tribe, and their purpose.
How can clients connect with you, and how did you decide on the different types of readings/services you offer?
Clients can connect with me via email, Instagram, or Facebook. I decided to start the Harvest & Moon Sisterhood because women need to know how to connect with their own sense of intuition and spirituality. Once women learn to hear themselves and to trust their inner knowing, they experience so much success throughout their lives. I’m not just talking about success in terms of monetary gain, I’m also talking about general happiness and resiliency throughout their lives. I lead this virtual group using tarot, astrology, lunar phases, and hard science to curate content and prompts that supports women in discovering their own connection to themselves.
I also offer one-on-one virtual tarot readings. It’s so much more convenient for my clients than the traditional process of meeting in-person! They get to process and rewatch their session as often as they’d like, which is powerful when you’re going through a transition.
Who or what inspires you?
Strong women inspire me! I love hearing and reading their stories. I’ve noticed that a lot of people are uncomfortable when someone experiences something difficult. I think as a society we tend to just gloss over other people’s struggles to minimize our own pain. I love when people are willing to get vulnerable and share the darker stuff with me. I am honored that I get to create a safe space for women to explore their subconcious free of judgement.
Harvest and Moon
Harvest and Moon
What first lead you down the path to doing readings and connecting spiritually?
I started reading Tarot because I needed an outlet for my anxiety. I needed to know that things were going to be OK. I didn’t have to fully understand why I was going through something, but I needed to know that there was an ending and that my experiences served a purpose. I dabbled in getting readings done during several of the transition phases of my life, like leaving the world of Science & moving outside of Texas. They gave me so much peace that I bought my own deck and started reading my own cards.
You also seem interested in reading/connecting with women in particular – why is that?
This is such a good question! I was born to work with women. Even as a child, I wanted to be with the adult women, listening to their stories and understanding their struggles (Thanks for letting me do that, Mom!) I feel like I’ve been training for this work for my entire life. I don’t feel qualified to do the same work for men. I don’t have the perspective or experience to understand their struggles or to communicate what I see.
Have you always worked for yourself? What made you want to be in business for yourself?
I’ve always known that I would work for myself, but I’ve also had the pleasure of working under some incredible mentors. I invest a lot of energy and love into whatever I’m doing, so working for other people’s dreams wouldn’t work out for me in the long term. I went into business for myself so that I could have a place to put all of my dedication. The flexible hours & location are also perks of the job.
Describe your day to day work.
My work changes depending on the day. I do virtual Tarot Readings almost every work day. I also do a lot of research for my membership group, the Harvest & Moon Sisterhood. Sometimes that looks like me needing to walk outside for an hour or two, sometimes that looks like me reading through scientific articles, and sometimes that looks like taking a break from all my screens and just living my life. I schedule breaks in like they are my job because that is often when Spiritual Downloads happen. It’s a lot of work to facilitate connections between the Spiritual and Physical worlds.
Who is your typical client?
My typical client is a woman going through a transition in her life. Beyond that, there is a lot of versatility. I read for women all over the world, in a variety of relationship & career statuses. Many of my clients are business owners or will be starting a company in the next few years. It’s so fun to introduce them to ways they can add magic into their business! I’ve witnessed and been a part of so many cool products and services being developed.
Some of my clients are looking for more fulfillment in their 9 to 5 jobs. Some are mothers that want to know more about their children’s gifts & how they can best nurture them. Some are women that want to know how to call in their perfect partner or they want to find ways to bring more balance and joy into their existing partnership.
If you are experiencing a transition, getting ready to make a major business move, or are just looking for a little more clarity on your current life and potential paths ahead, then you’re a great candidate for a reading. My clients really run the gamut on what a woman’s life can look like in this day and age. It is so inspiring!
What types of services do you offer, and what can people expect?
First and foremost, I offer the Harvest & Moon Sisterhood. To sign up, please visit my website: The Sisterhood is an online membership community that works together using exercises & practices through the changing lunar phases of the month. We create a safe space of welcoming and community and I offer unique insights, virtual events, and workshops that are tailored to the women of the group. Of course, I also offer One-on-One Virtual Tarot Readings. These sessions are completely customized to your life, desires, and questions. Finally, I offer group & event work for women. From bachelorette parties and women’s nights out to grand opening events and galas.
No matter which services is right for you, you can expect supportive guidance and clarity when working together.
What would you say to people who are interested in a reading but perhaps scared of what they’ll hear or learn?
This is such a good question! The short answer is that your session is meant to support you and enhance your peace. When I read for a client, I am consulting their Spirit Guides. They don’t share information that would be detrimental to a client. They want you to succeed and they know how you’re going to do that. They share what you need to know, when you need to know it. My client’s finish their sessions feeling seen and supported.
How do you suggest people incorporate what they learn in a practical/real-life way?
The way people incorporate what they learn varies based on the person. Ultimately, our session is meant to get them started down a path. I might guide them through setting goals for their life, but they have to take the inspired action to make it happen. I will say, it is so much easier when you know that you’ve got a whole Spiritual Team cheering you on and putting pieces into place.
Do you do readings for yourself? 
I do! I read for myself at least three times a month and I consult with other healers, ranging from body workers to therapists, throughout the month as well. Intuition and anxiety can easily get tangled up in one another, so I have a well built support structure that makes sure I’m as healthy and in-tune as possible.
How do you prepare yourself to connect to read for someone?
Having such a powerful connection to Spirit takes effort! On a day-to-day level I have to make sure I’m eating nutritious food and well hydrated in order to have a good session. I have to be outside regularly and get plenty of sleep. I can’t really drink much alcohol or use any type of substances. I can only drink a small amount of coffee or it feels like I’m standing too close to a speaker at a concert. I usually stretch or dance right before I start a session. I always call in my Spirit Guides, as well as my client’s Guides, and ask for guidance, protection and clarity. After that I pull cards, channel information, and record the session.
How do you feel like this type of self-work and connection to the universe can fit into an overall holistic lifestyle?
Connecting with your Spiritual self is crucial for a holistic lifestyle. So often women come to me with autoimmune diseases or chronic pain that modern medicine can numb, but can’t heal. Those women tend to be the most in need of a Spiritual connection, as they are so sensitive to everyone else’s needs that they can’t hear what their own body is needing. Getting to focus on their own connection to Spirit allows them to heal thought patterns and physical ailments which in turn leads to a lot more opportunities and healing falling into place.
How would you describe the clientele for the type of work you do here in the South? Anything that you think is different here versus a “larger” city, like NYC or LA?
I’ve found that my clients want the same thing regardless of their geographical location. They want support, they want guidance, and they want to establish their own connection to their higher self.
Anything else we should know – fill it in here!

To any women reading this; if you feel called to reach out or your curiosity is piqued, then please don’t hesitate to contact me. Knowledge is power and I am here to help you find the insights you need to help guide you to your perfect life. There is no magic pill and your life choices are always up to the decisions you make. Inform those decisions. Reach out. I will do my part to help you on your path.