Amy Moffatt’s Abstract Art Brings Joy to Charlotte

Amy Moffatt
Amy Moffatt - by Jamey Price

Charlotte painter Amy Moffatt is an artist and working mother who pours passion and care into everything she does.

A self-taught painter, Amy Moffatt has called Charlotte home for the last 16 years. While she is a prolific local artist who creates abstract coastal images and seasonal decor, artmaking is not her primary career. She works full-time as Vice President of Marketing and Events at Wells Fargo and is a mother of two.

Juggling two jobs with different schedules and demands, Moffatt seizes every spare moment to create her art. Early mornings and between dinner and bedtime become sanctuaries of artistry, when she preps canvases, plans social media strategies, or consults with buyers and commissions. She paints primarily in the kitchen so she can land a few brush strokes while packing lunches or helping her kids with homework. To some, this schedule may seem too difficult to be worthwhile, but for Moffatt, it is fuel.

Amy Moffatt
Amy Moffatt – by Jamey Price

A Family Tradition

Perhaps Moffatt can work quickly and in bursts of inspiration because it is in her blood. Her father, grandfather, aunt, and cousins pursued art professionally and personally. While she was always a part of that world and had always considered herself artistic through her involvement in dance, she was told she could not draw and therefore did not see herself as an artist. She explains:

“This is absolutely heartbreaking to me. And I wonder how many other young people have been told this? Painting, color interpretation, understanding beauty, depth and tone do not have to be tied to whether you can draw a house or stick figure. Artistry is so much more than that.”

Moffatt does not adhere to the elevated vocabulary and formal training that some believe makes great art. Art just has to move someone, and Moffatt’s work has moved many.

Amy Moffatt
Amy Moffatt – by Jamey Price

Iconic Artistry

Amy Moffatt pours the admiration she receives for her artwork right back into her supporters. Originally created to memorialize the passing of twin babies at birth, Moffatt’s signature angels have become an image of solace and beauty throughout the Charlotte community. They are a Christmas present, a teacher’s gift, nursery decor, or a celebration of new life. In August of 2018, she donated 50% of every angel sold to help support a child diagnosed with Leukodystrophy, an incurable and terminal illness. In fact, Moffatt donates her work regularly to charities such as Cookies for Cancer, St. Jude’s, and Project Alive.

Just like her philanthropic spirit, Moffatt’s paintings are thoughtful and made out of love. From abstract florals, coastlines, and angels, each of her paintings exude warmth and joy.

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Instagram: @amymoffattart