Handmade In Charlotte

Handmade in Charlotte
Handmade in Charlotte

Charlotte is in the midst of a major handmade movement. Instead of the sterile, unoriginal, and mass produced, our city is embracing products made here, created by hand (throw in some sweat too) that exude character and originality and have a story. Meet fifteen local artisans you should be supporting.

Two Peaches Design
For Betsy & Sara it’s all about chemistry. They work together on projects involving home decor, wearables and designs for special events. They are guided by a compass that uses nature and trends to lead them to their creation destination. Two Georgia peaches in Charlotte are creating and crafting for a living and at the same time living the American dream.
• www.etsy.com/shop/TwoPeachesDesign

Shortgrass Designs
Shortgrass Designs is a letter press print shop that designs handmade goods. Shortgrass was founded in 2010 by Claire Short, who strives for every product made by Shortgrass to be made crisp and clean. From greeting cards to coasters, custom invitations to journals Shortgrass Designs always work hard to take their homemade products to the next level.
• www.shortgrassdesigns.com

Gina Van Dyke Pottery
Gina Van Dyke’s pottery has been showcased all across the world. Her contemporary Raku and Stoneware displays a unique shimmering style she can call all her own. Clay is the foundation of Gina’s life and she is proud to keep the pottery tradition alive.
• www.vandykepottery.com

Ink Floyd
Ink Floyd is not just a full service screen printing company. They thrive on co-promotion and focus on momentum-building. Whether you want banners, t-shirts, stickers, or design work when you choose Ink Floyd for your printing needs you get a unique, professional, and uber-creative design printed right here in Charlotte.
• www.inkfloyd.com

Roy and Barbara Strassberg
Roy and Barbara are retired educators turned ceramic artists residing in Davidson, North Carolina. They own their own showroom which is a base for sculptures, pottery and other projects. They are well known for using their favorite materials such as reduction fired stoneware and porcelain to provide a custom touch.
• www.monacharlotte.com

John Wofford
Industrial, sculptural, and artistic are just several adjectives to describe John’s combined metal and woodwork. His completely original designs from benches to impressive sculptures are mind-blowing.
• www.johnwofford.com

Whispering Willow Soaps
Whispering Willow Soaps use organic oils in their products as they strive to be as original and natural as possible. Not only do they handcraft certain types of soap they make lip balm, detergent, candles and more.
• www.whisperingwillow.net

Nathan Rose
Nathan Rose has traveled all over this great country creating custom furniture and cabinetry. A Charlotte native, Rose has built sets and props as well as furniture for theatres and exhibits. His main focus now is working with wood in its most natural essence.
• www. nathanrosefurniture.com

Olive Yew
Founded in 2011, Olive Yew specializes in custom, petite pieces made of silver and gold. Olive Yew can also make jewelry for special occasions as well as one-of-a-kind pieces. All of Olive Yew pieces are made in Charlotte, North Carolina.
• www.oliveyew.com

Meredith  Jackson JEWELRY
For Meredith Jackson it’s not just about  jewelry. As a former interior designer, Jackson’s jewelry design focuses on being natural and exhibiting beauty in each piece. Meredith uses stones and metals in her collections, all of which are made in Charlotte, NC,  to mesh tone, texture, polish and color.
• www.meredithjackson.com

Colsen Keane
Scott Hofert and his team of skilled leatherworkers produce some of the very best leather bags and accessories, all proudly made in Charlotte.
• www.colsenkeane.com

2nd Story Wood Co.
If you love rustic barnwood furniture you’ll love the pieces that Scott and Carl Miller of 2nd Story Wood Co. create in their workroom in Charlotte, NC. The father – son team make sure that the barnwood they use in their builds is of the best quality showcasing rustic grey coloring, amazing textures, and a lot of character. From brilliant barnwood dining and side tables to custom pieces, all of their designs mesh creative metal work with precise woodworking skill.
• www.2ndstorywood.com

Erin McDermott Jewelry
Local Charlotte jewelry maker Erin McDermott has a growing reputation. Her artwork is stunning and creative featuring all kinds of colors, materials, and textures that pop. Erin specializes in unique jewelry from necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to really cool clutches and other accessories. You can find her work in many of the best boutiques in Charlotte including Cottage Chic in Dilworth.
• www.erinmcdermott.com

Shamrock Wood Studio
Michael Mckee of Shamrock Wood Studio makes some of the most refined pieces of furniture in Charlotte. From tables and stools to his statement rocking chairs, Mckee’s work exudes precision and all of his pieces have fantastic lines and curves.
• www.shamrockwoodstudio.com

Charlotte Headboards
Anthony Evans designs and upholsters custom headboards for those looking to have a unique bedroom look.
• www.meredithjackson.com