Arthur Pulley of HSM Core Elevates Exercise To A whole New Level

HSM Core

Have you heard of it yet?

HSM | Core is the newest way to get your body into its best shape. Created by mother-and-daughter duo Liz and Clary Hilliard, HSM | Core is an exercise method that puts your body to the test. The minds behind the original Hilliard Studio Method combined their Method with the power of the Lagree Fitness MS3 Megaformer machine to create a low-impact, high-intensity total body workout that centers around the core.

Not familiar with the Megaformer?

HSM Core

It’s a machine, using adjustable spring-loaded resistance, that you spend the entire class on.The fitness powerhouses immediately knew they needed someone special to lead this studio. As Head Trainer of the Hilliard’s HSM | Core studio, Arthur Pulley has added his own flare and expertise to round it all out. Arthur sat down with us to talk about how he uses his expansive background in fitness in combination with the Hilliard Studio Method and the Lagree Fitness MS3 Megaformer to provide efficient workouts, optimal results, and lasting impressions.

Arthur, when did your love for fitness begin?
My love for personal fitness began in high school, as I saw the difference it made in my athleticism, appearance and overall confidence, but recovery from a serious ankle injury that led to a major weight gain is what really ignited my passion. I had to learn how to lose weight in a healthy fashion while working around the injury. As I learned more about it, I wanted to share that knowledge with others.

How has your background in athletics, coaching, and fitness helped you transition into the personal trainer world?
Throughout my fitness career, I have worked with all types: from athletes looking to improve and people looking to lose weight or gain muscle, to working with clients in rehab from heart conditions or Parkinson’s. I believe my background in sports and coaching gave me the drive to not only be the best personal trainer I can be, but also to encourage clients to give me their very best effort during a workout. Training is not just the workout — it is developing a personal connection with each of your clients. I also understand that, with hard work and effort, most goals are attainable, and I try to pass that along to my clients.

HSM Core

How were you introduced to the technique employed by the megaformer, and how does this technique differ from other modes of exercise?
I was introduced to the megaformer by Liz and Clary Hilliard. Together, through experimentation and training by Lagree Fitness, we developed the techniques we use at HSM | Core. We exercise multiple muscle groups and the core using slow and controlled movements during each exercise—making sure that each client’s body is worked to the edge. With the coaches cueing each exercise step by step, providing advancements and modifications as needed, our workout provides muscle building, toning, cardio and flexibility in 40 high-energy, low-impact minutes. I don’t believe any other workout works the core like we do.

Do your classes require clients to have a certain level of fitness experience, or is the Hilliard Studio Method and megaformer workout friendly to beginners as well?
All are welcome at HSM | Core. We are able to accommodate the most seasoned workout fanatics and beginners alike through our use of modifications and advancements. I think there’s an intimidation factor when it comes to the workout, but I want anyone thinking about trying HSM | Core to know that we are here to help clients at any level!

What is the impression that you and the staff at HSM | Core would like to leave on your clients? At HSM | Core, we pride ourselves on providing clients with an outstanding workout, great instruction, second-to-none customer service, and an overall memorable experience. That said, not only do I want clients to walk out the door feeling like they’ve just had an amazing workout, I want them to leave HSM | Core feeling strong — like they can conquer whatever life throws at them today — because they can.