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Om Spa
Om Spa

Bryan S. Edmiston has taken Chiropractic into the 21st century with Om Spa, the Carolinas first Chirospa located right here in Charlotte in the heart of Myers Park.  Om Spa is patient centered offering punctual appointments, a relaxing environment, a friendly caring staff, and accommodating hours.

Where are you from and what made you come to Charlotte?  

I am from North Wilkesboro and grew up in Mooresville. My brother lived here and my parents live close by and I love North Carolina so, after earning my Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in Chicago, I wanted to come home.

What inspired you to start a Chirospa like Om in Charlotte and why?  

My first Chiropractic experience was with a Chiropractor that adjusted the spine and then massaged you to finish the 30 minute appointment. His office was just an ordinary office [but that experience] gave me the idea to merge a full day spa and a Chiropractic office together.

Where did you go to school to study to become a chiropractor?
I have a B.A. in Biology and a minor in Chemistry from UNC Chapel Hill, a Bachelor in Science in Human Biology from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL as well as the Doctor of Chiropractic Degree (DC) from NUHS.

When did you know that chiropractic was what you were meant to do?

I have always enjoyed working with people and have been interested in nutrition and health since high school.

Bryan S. Edmiston of Om Spa
Bryan S. Edmiston of Om Spa

What is your favorite part of the work you do at Om Spa?  
I enjoy that patients find the office so relaxing and that I am able to help people improve their health whether it be getting rid of back pain or migraines or increasing energy, [or helping with] diet and weight loss.  80% of my patients are referred by other patients and that is very rewarding as that is a great indication that my staff and I are making a difference and that patients trust us to help their friends and family.

What is your finest achievement at Om Spa up to this point?  

9+ years of helping people and creating the most customer and patient centered office in  town with convenient evening and Saturday hours, short waits, relaxing recliners, ecosmart fireplace, and more! And earning best of Charlotte Chiropractor for 2014!

What disciplines do you specialize in?  

[We specialize in] Therapeutic Massage including Sports, Hot Stones, Thai, and Deep Tissue. Also, Facials, Chemical Peels, Body Treatments, Reflexology and we have a salt room coming soon.

How good does it make you feel when your patient enjoys their experience at Om Spa?  

It is very rewarding when patients say that they enjoy coming to their treatments at Om Spa and how nice the staff and I are.
What do you enjoy most in your role in client care?
Making a difference in our patients’ health and well being!

What is a typical client session like?

The first session is about an hour.  I go over the patient’s concerns and take a history. We do  high tech scans of the functioning of the nervous system, ranges of motion, orthopedic and neurological tests and radiographs if necessary.

What is it about Om Spa that separates it from other spas in Charlotte?  

Om is a unique Chiropractic office because of the relaxing spa atmosphere with little or no wait time. The spa is unique with its wellness and balancing focus. There are no hair or nail sounds and smells. There is complimentary tea and Mimosa, a beautiful relaxation lounge all located right in the heart of Myers Park.

What kinds of techniques do you use while working on patients?  

[We use] Diversified technique, Cox Flexion Distraction (Lumbar Decompression), Activator, Brimhall Adjustor to name a few.

On top of your services, what products do you sell at Om?  

We offer Image skincare, Voluspa Candles, Teaforte Teas, Metagenics, Mediherb and Apex Energetics, medical grade vitamins, herbals, and a wide variety of other health promoting supplements.

Are there any new disciplines or wellness techniques that you are planning to add to your menu of services?  

We are working on a salt room–currently only available in Asheville and Raleigh in North Carolina.

Where do you see the future taking you?
[I plan] to continue to improve the customer experience and continue to learn and add therapies that will aid my patients in improved health.

How can people learn more about you and Om Spa to book their first appointment with you?  

Visit us online at or call us at 704-728-9149.