A Skincare & Wellness Chat With Blair Hayes of Skin by Blair

skin by Blair

Skin by Blair sits in a quaint, upscale building on the main street of East Boulevard. When you step inside the doors, you’re met with an atmosphere that is intentionally cozy, warm, clean, and inviting: exactly what you hope for when entering a med spa. 

This, perhaps, shouldn’t be surprising from the owner of Dilworth neighborhood’s Skin by Blair boutique, who is just as intentional in all she does.

A Charlotte native, Blair Hayes passed her high school years at Providence Day. During this time, Hayes’ mother battled cancer, resulting in hours spent in doctors’ offices and hospitals and Hayes’ abiding interest in modern medicine.

She proceeded to enroll at North Carolina State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Nutrition Science degree. Hayes then completed Wingate University’s Physician’s Assistant program before redirecting her professional energy to skincare.

skin by Blair
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The Magic of Expertise

At Skin by Blair, Hayes offers just one service. “Instead of being a jack of all trades, I prefer to be an expert at one thing and that, for me, is injections,” declares Hayes. She is indeed an expert, attending conferences regularly to participate in private training and educational sessions to ensure she is up to date on new technology. Currently, Skin by Blair clients can receive Botox/Dysport, dermal filler, Aquagold, Kybella, vein treatment, and PRP facials. 

Hayes specializes in a more natural-looking aesthetic. She’s genuine, knowledgeable, and direct about what her patients can benefit from most.

“When some people think of Botox, they think of the Real Housewives… giant lips and frozen faces. They don’t think of celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, and Kate Middleton, but the truth is they get injections, too. There is a way to do injections where it looks completely natural and restores you to how you looked 10 years ago,” explains Hayes.

Hayes senses that a time is coming when injections and skin care will feel as routine as manicures. And when that moment arrives, Hayes will be ready to usher it forward. 

skin by Blair
Photo credit Alison Kuhn

The Science of Skincare

In addition to injection services, Skin by Blair also carries an array of skincare products. These products are appropriate for a variety of age ranges and skin types. “I am a strong believer in prevention. If you’re on the right skincare products in your 20s, it can prevent you from needing more invasive treatments in your 50s,” says Hayes.

Skin by Blair’s shelves include cleansers, moisturizers, and antioxidants. The products are from several different lines including Revision Skincare, Obagi, Elta, and even Hayes’ own line. When selecting which outside products to carry, Hayes is swayed only by science.

The same applies to her’ own product design. “I typically have a meeting at least once a week with the chemists and product developers. During that time, I make sure the products I’m putting out are exactly how I want them. It could be years before the products I’m developing now are available to consumers,” says Hayes.

In Hayes’ experience, people not using adequate products is one of the most common mistakes in skincare. She is a strong proponent of medical-grade products, which typically have higher concentrations and more powerful results. “People will often pay the same price for much less effective products sold at stores such as Sephora or through multi-level marketing companies such as Rodan and Fields,” explains Hayes. “Once people make the switch to medical-grade skincare products, they quickly see the difference in results.”

At Skin by Blair, exceptional results are the norm, making this boutique one of Charlotte’s best health and beauty gems.


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