How the Bechtler Museum is Staying a Step Ahead In The Modern Art World

Pushing the boundaries of art and showcasing American and European modern works of art is what makes the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art pop!

The Upcoming Bechtler Museum Exhibition

The Bechtler, situated in the heart of Uptown, is inviting Charlotteans to take a look at some of the time’s most influential contemporary artists in the Pop to Now: Warhol and His Legacy exclusive exhibition. 

On view from September 10, 2022 – January 2, 2023, Pop to Now: Warhol and His Legacy, developed in partnership with Aktion Art, features select works by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. The exhibition also features three modern artists: Los Angeles-based contemporary artist ThankYouX, New York-based contemporary artist Kristin McIver and geometric contemporary American artist HEES. 

Andy Warhol art  tin Charlotte NC at the Bechtler Museum

The Pop to Now: Warhol and His Legacy exhibition will look at Warhol, Basquiat and Haring’s influence on pop culture, music, fashion and art while exploring how their works have inspired a new generation of artists pushing boundaries through digital art. 

Contemporary Artists On Display

The contemporary artists on display, ThankYouX, McIver and HEES, are looking at new technologies, interpretations, presentation styles and methods of artistic production the same way Warhol did during his time. 

modern art in Charlotte NC

With a wide and unique variety of contemporary art representing both past and present pop art, including paintings, mixed media, phitgital (physical in combination with digital) art, and memorabilia, this exhibition is sure to offer something to everyone.

As the leading figure in the visual art movement known as Pop Art, Warhol pushed the boundaries of what art was defined as by blurring the lines between artistic expression and cultural influence. His mix of various media methods like screenprinting, painting, photography, sculpture and film inspired a new generation of contemporary art that has changed the art world to this day.

Andy Warhol and the Bechtler Family

Andy Warhol and the Bechtler have a unique and special connection. In 1973, Andy Warhol painted a series of portraits of the Bechtler family, which are a part of the Bechtler Museum Collection and celebrates the relationships between the family and the emerging artists of the time. The Pop to Now: Warhol and His Legacy exhibition is making the connection between the family and contemporary artists of their time, and contemporary artists now come full circle.

Last year, the Bechtler featured a first-of-its-kind large-scale nine-screen video installation with living artist Isaac Julien, marking the first time Bechtler had showcased a video medium. The Bechtler wants to continue bringing art to the twenty-first century by featuring more artists like ThankYouX, McIver and HEES, who are changing the art industry with NFTs (non-fungible tokens), digital and data-driven art.

A modern art piece at the Bechtler Museum in Charlotte NC

A Bechtler Museum Goal

While speaking to Todd D. Smith, Executive Director, we found out that bringing artists from outside the community to Charlotte to encourage greater appreciation among non-artist visitors to the museum is a strong goal of the museum. The Bechtler hopes that the Pop to Now: Warhol and His Legacy exhibition will not only “inspire working artists in the community through access to art but to incorporate it into their own, to react, to be inspired, or reject, or to be in conversation with other artists.” 

This transformative exhibition is not one you want to miss. For more details on getting tickets for the museum and a sneak peek into the exhibition, be sure to check out the Bechtler’s Instagram and their website for more information.

In collaboration with the Bechtler Museum