Jerald Melberg Gallery Brings Art to Asheville

jerald melberg

Jerald Melberg, founder of the Jerald Melberg Gallery in Charlotte,  and a representative of the Dedalus Foundation (Robert Motherwell Estate), loaned all the works by Robert Motherwell to the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center for an exhibition. Jerald will be in Asheville Thursday June 22 to present a lecture on this important American artist.

Jerald will discuss the artist’s balance between wildly expressive work and his deep intellectualism and consideration of literature (particularly James Joyce), music (as in the Lyric Suite), and politics (as in the Elegies).

Motherwell’s background will be covered, as well as the artist’s Surrealist roots. The presentation is in conjunction with the summer exhibition, Robert Motherwell: The Quiet + The Wild. The show is on view through September 9.