Financing Miracles: The Kyle Busch Foundation helps families with IVF costs

Samantha and Kyle Busch started the Kyle Busch Foundation to help their community. They knew one thing for certain: The eternal love a child brings a parent is priceless… But the cost of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) isn’t. As one of the main options for parents trying to conceive, IVF treatments range anywhere from $20,000-25,000, often with little-to-no insurance coverage.

So, when Samantha Busch, a highly-involved community advocate, entrepreneur, and lifestyle blogger went through the process herself with husband Kyle Busch, she immediately recognized an opportunity for giving. Samantha and Kyle’s experience was at Charlotte’s Reach Clinic – with their help, the two gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Brexton and Busch almost immediately vowed to help others receive their very own “bundles of joy.”

Kyle Busch Foundation

“They’re so great at Reach,” Busch explains. “And we had such a good experience, we thought, ‘ok, well, God has put us through this for a reason.’ While we initially thought that it was to tell people about IVF’s in order to help other women feel not so lonely during the process, we still felt like we needed to give back to the community—so we started the Bundle of Joy Fund.’”

Working through Reach Clinic of Charlotte, which is one of the leading fertility practices in the Southeast, the Kyle and Samantha Busch Bundle of Joy Fund provides local women with the financial means to receive IVF treatment. The cost alone often prevents families from even trying, so monetary assistance removes a huge hurdle: As of now, the foundation has donated a quarter of a million dollars across 22 families. The Buschs ask for an in-depth application process for people looking to get funding, and they receive deeply personal stories from women in all walks of life.

I would say we get around 50 applications, and we’re only able to fund four or five couples, because the cost is huge,” Busch explains. “There are stories that truly touch your heart and you just know deep down that those are the families.

After a family is chosen, the news is often shared through a surprise visit from the foundation. Ever grateful for the gift of life, the recipients frequently continue to share pictures, updates, and memories with the Buschs as a token of appreciation.

The foundation’s annual benefit gala at 5Church – who teamed up with foundation a few years back – accounts for the majority of donations, but the event, Samantha says, is not your average charity dinner. Guests can look forward to customized dishes Chef Jamie Lynch, one of which, in years past,  was a perfectly rendered chicken pot pie bundled in a way to resemble a stork’s delivery. Complete with a silent auction, the event brings the community and key players together in support of the miracle of childbirth.

For a lot of families, it’s just not affordable,” Busch explains. “So, that’s where we’re coming in and are trying to help. It’s only one family at a time – we’re just doing what we can.

Want to get involved with the Buschs’ cause, or with another local charity that serves Charlotte children, too? As a community, we can make a difference and make the lives of those in need at least a little bit better this December, and beyond. We’ve rounded up a list of locally-based charities that focus on helping local children and their families in a variety of different ways.

All of these organizations, and those they serve, greatly appreciate any donation of time or money. This holiday season, let’s take a leaf out of the Buschs book and do our part to help build a stronger community and make Charlotte even better.