Second Annual Upcycled Fashion Show: ArtPop Street Gallery

ArtPop November 13 2021

ArtPop Street Gallery has one prominent mission: “to showcase the work of local artists and support them in achieving sustainable success.” 

ArtPop creates these opportunities two different ways. One is through their Cities Program, where artists’ work is portrayed on a large scale on billboards, digital signage, and other outdoor media spaces, and the second is their Inspiration Projects. These Inspiration Projects come about with commissions from corporate partners, who create paid opportunities for artists that will be shared with the public.

You Should Check This Out:

In just a few weeks, ArtPop will host the Second Annual Upcycled Fashion Show, where local artists have the opportunity to create art and fashion with recycled ArtPop billboard vinyl. Yes, the kind of billboard you drive by on the highway! Each year, ArtPop Street Gallery diverts 13,000-plus square feet of vinyl from landfills every year by upcycling the billboard vinyl into fashion, framed art, tote bags and more. 

Here’s Where You Can See It:

This year’s show will be held on Saturday, September 10th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at Griffith Hall, Lenny Boy Brewing Company, 3000 South Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC. There is still time to get tickets! 

ArtPop Street Gallery

We spoke with ArtPop founder Wendy Hickey, who gave us some insight on what to expect from the upcoming Annual Upcycled Fashion Show, and what’s in store for ArtPop and all of its creatives

What kind of message do you hope this 2nd Annual Upcycled Fashion Show will bring to the Charlotte art community?

ArtPop’s mission is to connect local artists with billboard advertising and other media companies that showcase their art. This promotes artists and offers the community thought-provoking and inspirational creations that everyone can enjoy – for free!  We showcase and support artists of the 13 county greater Charlotte Region.  

Who are the featured artists for the show?

Artists Billboard Vinyl by: Holly Keogh, Mikel Frank, Cat Babbie, Caroline Rust, Bree Stallings, Jesse Carkin, Laura Brosi, Cristina Montesinos, Greg Barnes, Deborah Triplett, Elaine Stephenson, and Barbara Mellin

Fashion Designers: Jennifer Gilomen, Margaret Fleeman, Anise Augustin, Edelweiss Vogel, Michelle “Bunny” Gregory, Itala Flores, Angela Kollmer, Kathy Phillips, Hasan Dirton, Isiah Miller, Melissa Crosson, and Kendall Kendrick.

Where can we find a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes and making of the pieces for the show?

On our social channels, and you can watch our video from last year, too. However, we want all to be surprised by the new 2022 fashion. 

ArtPop Street Gallery

Not only does ArtPop Street Gallery give local artists the chance of exposure through public artworks like billboards but opportunities for artists’ work to be seen nationally. What are some highlights from this year that you are proud of?

Through our Inspiration Projects this year we have paid local artists through 11 projects over $95k in commissions.  One of our 2022 artists was able to make the transition to full time art in April of this year!  We are so proud to be a member of the LendaHand Alliance Cohort supported by LendingTree Foundation. 

Why was ArtPop Street Gallery created?

ArtPop Street Gallery’s mission is to ensure communities have never-ending access to public art, and that artists have the canvases on which to create it. We want to inspire our communities and cover our streets with art — because we need it, now more than ever. 

Our cities and schools are starved for art despite everything we know to be true — that art is good for your brain, your children, your community, and our economy. That makes supporting art and the artists who make it one of the most important things we can do.  

How do you make art more accessible to people in Charlotte?

ArtPop connects local artists to projects and our partners do the magic of spreading art to the community on billboards, newsstands, and digital boards throughout the city. 

What kind of artists can apply to be a part of ArtPop?

This program is open to individual artists from any discipline who are 18 years or older and interested in growing their careers as artists. You need to have an active artist website or a site in which you sell your art. ArtPop is not meant for “groups” or causes. 

You must live in the city or county in which the call for artists is posted.  We also accept submissions from Sr. High School artists who after graduating will study the arts in college.  Students do not need to be 18 or have an artist website.

ArtPop Street Gallery

How do you turn Charlotte roads, highways and thoroughfares into art for the public to appreciate?

 ArtPop works with outdoor advertising companies (a collection of profoundly generous businesses we love very much) to secure billboard space, giving artists a one-of-a-kind opportunity to showcase their work. 

How can we share our support for local art and design, sustainability, and ArtPop Street Gallery?

You can donate monetarily at, you can hire us for an art project, you can volunteer, like/follow our social channels, tell a friend, purchase a ticket to our 9.10.22 fashion show, our 9th annual fundraising event.

Purchase art from a local artist, follow a local artist on social, tell a friend about a local artist you love, and attend our events.  With exception to our Fashion Show, all of our events are free and open to the public! Come see us at a Pop Up soon. 

In collaboration with ArtPop Street Gallery. All images are from the 2021 show.