Hit The Road This Weekend and Head to the Mountain Town of Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock

Considered to be one of North Carolina’s most spectacular hidden gems, Blowing Rock is rich in history, culture, and friendly faces. Setting foot into this enchanting little town will allow for you to experience the very epitome of what it’s like to be a North Carolinian. At the same time, you will receive the best hospitality from the friendly locals as you visit boutiques, attractions, and hotels.

Before Blowing Rock became the town we knew today, it was home to the indigenous people of Cherokee and Catawba Indian tribes. According to the legend, both tribes were hostile towards one another, and their disdain for each other gave birth to the story of Blowing Rock’s famous star-crossed lovers. The maiden and a young chieftain were madly in love but their families’ spite for each other made it difficult for them to be together. The two had been walking near the rock when the reddening of the sky signaled the summoning of the young chieftain back to his duties.  Unwilling to let her lover go, the maiden begged him to stay with her. Torn with his desire to be with the maiden and his responsibilities as a chief, the young chieftain threw himself over the edge of the gorge and down to the rocks below. Stricken with grief, the maiden prayed to the Great Spirit to bring her lover back to her. The wind from the mountains was said to have blown the young chieftain back into the maiden’s arm, thus becoming the famous legend the town is known for today.

The first family known to have settled in Blowing Rock were the Greenes, who established the Green Park Hotel in 1891. The passes that lead Southern Virginia into Kentucky made Blowing Rock a popular destination amongst farmers, hunters, trappers, and colonists who were traveling south towards the mountains of North Carolina. As Blowing Rock became better known to the public, many people began to travel to the area to enjoy its beautiful, mountainous environment.

During the Civil War, men had sent their wives and children to seek refuge in the mountains to keep them safe as they go off to fight. When they returned from battle, they decided to make the mountains their permanent homes, thus allowing for Blowing Rock to flourish in a short amount of time. On March 11, 1889, Blowing Rock became chartered, and ‘Uncle Joe Clarke’ became the first mayor of the small town.

Today, Blowing Rock is home to 1,200+ residents and remains a popular attraction for tourists in the Carolinas. One of the first activities on your agenda should be to visit the famous Blowing Rock when visiting the town. Bask in the magnificent views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and admire the very rock which the town is known for. Go check out the French and Swiss Ski College before heading out to ski at the slopes of Appalachian Ski Mountains, or you can go relax at the many quiet cafes, bars, and museums within the town’s vicinity. Make sure to stop by for souvenirs at their boutiques, shops, and their own Tanger Outlets to enrich your travel experience. Best of all, the experience you encounter at Blowing Rock is exclusive only to the town. You will not experience the beauty and glory of Blowing Rock anywhere else, so make sure to put it on your Carolina bucket list today. You will be guaranteed a wonderful time.