The Perfect Pairing: A Raw Rhino Market Sandwich and a Durty Bull Lager

Rhino Market And Deli Charlotte NC Vegetarian Option
rhino market

The Raw Rhino sandwich is everything you’ve come to expect from Rhino Market: fresh, fast, and gourmet-style served from a deli counter. A single bite delivers satisfying crunch, with crisp fresh veggies taking up the fore of your pallet. The nutty aftertaste of hummus complements the fresh tomato, thinly-cut carrots, cucumbers, and the bean sprouts. This sandwich is goodness to the body, refreshing and energizing any time of day.

Refreshment truly arrives when you pair the Raw Rhino with a beer like the lager from Durty Bull Brewing Company. Stylish packaging aside, the slight bitterness of the hops cut through the pungent taste of hummus. It’s a bracing, yet light, beer, perfect for Carolinas. Combined with your vegan sandwich, it makes for a cool, relaxing lunch break in the shade of Rhino’s lively outdoor patio.