Bardo’s Cooling Effect

Cooling Effect
Amanda Britton mixes a Cooling Effect

Bardo is the Tibetan Buddhist term for that liminal stage between death and rebirth, and mixologist Amanda Britton’s Cooling Effect toes the line between spice and refreshment to the point that it becomes difficult to tell which is which.

Cooling Effect
Cooling Effect cocktail from Bardo

The base is Lunazul Reposado tequila, with a fruity aroma and a creamy, smoky finish, is perfect for pairing with bitters and spice. That’s precisely Bardo’s line of thought, because the Cooling Effect uses the natural bitterness of aloe as well as the complex spice notes of both guajillo and arbol peppers. A dash of lime tempers the Latin-inspired heat, and the all-natural, Spanish-style ingredients add smoke, spice, and character. Downing a drink like this produces sensations of connection with the world and those around you.