Jamie Scott Fitness, an inclusive approach to wellness, sets up shop in South End

Jamie Scott Fitness

Jamie Scott Fitness first formed in 2005, and then took shape in South End in fall of 2017. The driving goal was simple: to take the “usual” approach to group fitness, and elevate it a notch… or several.

This dedication came directly from the name behind the brand, Jamie himself, who has been involved in the health world his entire life. A striking presence, with a game grin and boundless energy, Jamie played football for the University of South Carolina, earned a Master’s degree, and completed his Strength Training and Nutrition wellness certifications.

He also credits his college-aged mentorships, with the Texas, Louisville, South Carolina and South Florida strength coaches, as another key element that prepared him to open his own fitness-driven business.

Jamie’s South End studio, a buzzy little spot in a rustic brick building, offers unique group fitness classes, personal training and nutrition services. The team leads over 70 classes a week between the South End gym and the Park Road cycle studio (SWEAT Cycle).

Jamie’s athletic background informs most aspects of the studio: “A strong community is the key to any successful team,” he says, “and when a team is successful, it inspires each individual to become a better version of themselves. The same is true in our gym; every member comes in with the intention of putting him or herself before everything else, even if that’s only for 40 minutes. And when you’re surrounded by other people doing something positive and motivating you to push past your doubts, there is an undeniable energy that drives each person to become stronger, inside and out.”

Rather than joining another fitness program, Jamie knew he wanted to bring his client-centered, holistic approach to people his own way. His motto is simply that a “well-rounded approach is the best approach, and making small life changes are what will result in your leading a healthier life.”

Jamie Scott Fitness

It’s refreshing, really, to hear an approach to wellness from an expert that’s both manageable and practical. Jamie’s is a unique program, and being able to create something new and different, and to interact with and watch his clients’ progress, is, he says, what inspires his whole life.

“Our type of client wants to go somewhere where people know their name; a place they are comfortable and valued. They love coming to our gym because of the community we foster and the results they experience.”

With a large team of trainers and a staffed nutritionist, Jamie’s approach is gaining even more traction and his community is spreading. Of course, landing in South End—one the city’s most rapidly growing areas—helps. It was practically a seamless fit.

Jamie Scott Fitness

Going forward, Jamie intends to open two more Charlotte locations and a Greenville studio. Check out the class schedule and find out about joining the studio at jamiescottfitness.com