Eight Charlotte Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Charlotte Gift

With giving season upon us, if you’re completely drawing a blank, have no fear: We have eight Charlotte gift ideas for anyone on your list.

The December holiday season is the most giving time of the year and while some people on your list are a piece of cake to shop for, everyone has that one person who seems to have everything. It is enough to drive one crazy.

If you’re still not quite sure what to give them this holiday season, browse through these great gift ideas. They’re scattered all over the Queen City, so no matter where you are, you won’t have to go very far to find the ultimate Christmas present.

A Timeless Accessory
This classic accessory is universal, can be used all year round, by anyone, and every time they check the time, they are reminded of who gifted them this piece of arm candy. Charlotte’s very own Raw Watches puts a rustic twist on the outfit staple by carving them with premium wood and promising to engrave any message or logo for your special someone.
@rawwatches / raw.cool

Statement Jewelry Pieces
Nothing screams “best holiday gift” more than the perfect accessory to wear on New Year’s. Surprise your loved one with a one-of-a-kind piece that will stand them out from the crowd. Elizabeth Bruns has a gorgeous assortment of necklaces, rings and more to add some sparkle to their personal collection.
@elizabethbrunsinc / elizabethbruns.com

Delicate Touches
Is your loved one not the types that eat up the room? Compliment their toned down personality with soft, whimsical pieces with more meaning. Local vendor, Worthy + Badass, has an array of tiny necklaces, earrings, and other minimalistic gifts everyone will love. One of their best sellers, a necklace inspired by the Queen City, not only goes with any outfit but pays homage to the city we call home.
@worthyandbadass / worthyandbadass.com

Fashionable Travel Gear
Is your person a traveler? Get them something they cannot leave home without like a sturdy but attractive pair of sunglasses. Charlotte-bred brand Johnny Fly developed a line of wooden sunglasses that not only look luxurious but are also eco-friendly. Johnny Fly also has a line of chemical free leather bags that make the perfect carry one for that person always on the go.
@johnnyflyco / johnnyflyco.com

Sweet Tooth Satisfaction
As the months get colder, help your loved one warm up in the most delicious way by gifting them honey or other hot beverage enhancers. Honey especially is known as a natural remedy for sore throats and other cold and flu symptoms. Sweets Syrup in Charlotte has a unique elderberry formula that not only is just as effective as over the counter alternatives, but with all natural ingredients, it tastes heavenly, too.
@sweetssyrup / sweetssyrup.com

Bottoms Up
If you’re gifting them the luxury of a hot drink on a cold day, they’re going to need something to drink it in. Mugs are the perfect gift to give during the holidays. Being made with almost any texture and design, you’re sure to find something to fit any one’s taste. The locally owned brand, CLT Find, boasts a beautiful marbled mug for those with a more refined taste while those at CLT Boutique have an assortment of fun graphic mugs to put a smile on your loved one’s face.
@cltfind and @cltboutique /cltfind.com and cltboutique.com

Comforting Accents
Spread some extra comfort and cheer this holiday season by gifting homey accents your loved one will cherish all year round. Scented candles create an inviting aura for any space, and oil diffusers are flying off shelves after gaining notoriety for their natural healing properties. Mallory Candle Co is showcasing their holiday essential oil collection chock full of seasonal favorites such as peppermint eucalyptus and mulled cider. Their handcrafted soy candles are also a crowd favorite, their blue spruce sent will magically transform your living room into a Christmas tree farm in the mountains in minutes.
@malloryscandles / malloryscandles.com

Hidden Finds
If you’re shopping for someone who is ahead of the game fashion wise but doesn’t like to wear what everyone else is, consider boutique shopping in one of Charlotte’s unique small businesses. Boutiques offer an array of stunning clothing you will not find in a mall and feature indie brands you can’t find anywhere else. Summerbird in the NoDa district combines designer and boutique finds by matching you with designer pieces 50-90% off their original price. From rompers to jewelry, they have it all.
@summerbirdboutique / shopsummerbirdboutique.com