Learn About Emily Cochran’s Journey to Find Life’s Noteworthy Style Details

Noteworthy Magazine
Emily Cochran via Alexa Mera Photography

Noteworthy’s founder and creative director, Emily Cochran, has a passion for style and she likes to share it. After years in the financial industry, she took a leap of faith and made her career with the life and style website, Noteworthy.com.

A Midwesterner by birth, Cochran has lived in Charlotte for the last thirteen years with her husband and their two kids Over the years, Cochran and her team have created a space in the digital world for all things chic in Charlotte.

“I launched Noteworthy, an online lifestyle magazine, in the fall of 2015 to create a platform to inspire every day life and share some of life’s notable details,” she explains. “I wanted to launch a platform that would showcase local and regional tastemakers, designers, artists, and people who would inspire my readers. I am drawn to people who are doing something different or maybe taking something familiar and transforming it in an exciting way.”

The website is dedicated to home décor, personal style, beauty, food, and noteworthy (pun intended) experiences. When asked about where she draws her inspiration, Cochran said, “I find new inspiration everyday! From meeting new people, visiting my favorite local shops, food, art, music, color, following artists and others in the digital space, my kids, etc., the list goes on! Through Noteworthy, I have had the opportunity to meet so many talented and inspiring people. I am drawn to people who are doing something different or maybe taking something familiar and transforming it in an exciting way.”

There may be a fine line between self and Noteworthy’s online presence for Cochran. “I think style is inherent to us all, each person uniquely having their own personal style. For me personally, I enjoy sharing my style with others and I became more in tune and interested in it when people would take notice before the website. Whether it was my home decor, baking for friends, or the clothes I was wearing, people would ask questions about sharing recipes, what bag I was carrying, I started to really enjoy sharing the information. The idea of Noteworthy has allowed me to do this on a more formal basis but it also features other people, highlighting their creative talents.” A few of her notables are Elizabeth Stafford White and Jacquelyn Stafford Buckner the sisters behind Twine & Twig boutique, and SOCO Gallery, the brainchild of Chandra Johnson.

Cochran is excited about what’s next. “Charlotte is progressive. It is a growing city that has still managed to maintain its charm. I love that people have come from all over to live in Charlotte. I think this is great for the city—bringing new ideas, perspectives, and a desire to see the culture (the arts for example) continue to grow and evolve.” And hopefully, it will bring us more things that are noteworthy.