Copain makes a pecan pie that’s even better than your gramma’s

Charlotte on Thanksgiving
Copain's Pecan Pie

We’re going to go ahead and make generations of our mothers and grandmothers mad: Pastry chef Maris Petersen of Copain has perfected the pecan pie. The newest addition to Jim Noble’s Noble Food and Pursuits, Copain is serving up all kinds of pastries, sweets, and breads, but this particular pie is something special. Pecan pie is a storied tradition in the South, and while it’s most typically served on holidays, this one is deserving of a place in everyday life.


Petersen uses the classics: nuts mixed with a eggs, butter, and sugar in a perfectly flaky crust—but hers is also particularly beautiful, a theme with Copain’s baked goods. Chef Maris has that rare touch where everything manages to taste even better than your eyes might suggest. This one is a pie to gather round—and that, we’d like to note, would make those moms and grandmas happy after all.