Get Festive With Customshop’s Aperol & Cranberry Spritz

Aperol & Cranberry Spritz
Aperol & Cranberry Spritz

Customshop’s signature apertif combines the sour twang of fresh cranberry with the spicy burn of ginger-flavored libations for a spritzer that’s both coolly refreshing and imminently warming. Don’t forget to top this sparkling pillar of red with some fiery-colored fresh fruit: The persimmon and the cranberry make all the difference in presentation.

2 oz Aperol
1 oz Domaine de Canton
2 oz natural unsweetened cranberry juice
Ginger cognac
Creole bitters
Fresh lemon
Persimmon & fresh cranberry

Mix ingredients in mixing glass, stir, and pour into Collins glass. Garnish with persimmon and fresh cranberry.