Health In A Bowl: Niwa Ramen From Futo Buta of Charlotte

Real ramen in Charlotte is a rare gem. So, we have one word for you: NIWA.

Ramen Charlotte
Niwa Ramen from Futo Buta in Charlotte

It means garden in Japanese, and that’s pretty fitting. This amalgam of roasted organic mushroom, cool cabbage, fresh-sliced leek, arugula, and sesame is a little garden in a bowl. You can never have too much pork belly-infused ramen at Futo Buta, but the vegan Niwa bowl is a delectable substitute if you’re crazy enough to take a pig fat hiatus. Each ingredient in this soupy goodness has been carefully selected to intermingle with the others, for a cohesive, vegetable-forward freshness that rivals the flavor of every other of Chef Shortino’s offerings.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect little mix of health food and comfort food in Charlotte, go get a bowl of this fresh, made-to-order ramen.